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My weight loss journey


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Hi guys,
Semi newbie here in that I don't think anyone on here will recognise my username though I did join a while ago and post.
Anyways let's assume I'm brand new...
Stats: Age:22 (well in a few days).
Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 163 lbs

The motivation for being on here at the moment is down to 2 things.
First of all-A very close friend of mine got engaged at the weekend-I've never even had a boyfriend and feel that this is partly down to my size, no one wants to date someone who is overweight when there are a host of hotties out there (or maybe I'm just really boring but we'll hope it's cause I'm fat). Finding out my friend got engaged was enough to make me motivated for change. I would love a boyfriend and also the idea of showing up at her wedding alone makes me want to die inside.

Reason number 2- I look rubbish! I go out with friends and wear short skirts and low cut tops but I'm never 'happy' with how I look. I put up with it and laugh off comments from people who make comments. My friends claim that people 'mistake' me for being fat due to my bust size but I know this isn't really the case and tbh it's starting to get me down.

Anyways enough of my self indulgent waffle!
The plan!
To eat less
To eat more healthily
To exercise more.

I started on Tuesday of this week (the day I found out about the engagement) to put conscious thought into the foods I eat. I've been snacking on fruit and eating alot of veg for dinner with some lean meat. I'm hoping to keep this up!

Exercise wise-I haven't quite got that far yet however this is because I'm in my final week ever of uni and have an assignment due in this Friday-it's taking priority for now however tonight I have ordered a ten minute workout dvd. It has 5 different routines that are ten minutes each and has received great reviews! I also plan to start walking/jogging-as a student I don't have money to go to the gym so I gotta improvise :)

Please feel free to leave tips, advice and encouragement in here! It's always good to know what other people are up to and what they recommend!
Thanks for reading :)
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This morning I got up drank a large cold glass of water to kick start the old metabolism and had a boiled egg with one slice of white toast (dry). Lunchtime soon! May have a banana before then! Breakfast seems healthy but is it really? I would eat brown bread but I really find it gross! Any tips appreciated! x


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Ok so update at the end of the day...would love if someone could comment and advise me! I think I did okish today but would like reassurance or to be told I'm wrong!
Breakfast:1 slice of white toast (dry) + 1 boiled egg.
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Pasta salad-100g chicken, 90g pasta, half a pepper, 1/4 of an onion, 3 mushrooms and sweetcorn. One tablespoon of Hellmans light mayo.
Dinner: Spaghetti Hoops and 2 slices of toast.
Snack: Apple.

I feel I could have probably done better for dinner and probably had too much pasta at lunch but not too bad?no?


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I've got more to lose than you have but can agree with a lot of things you said in that first post. I've been doing exercise DVDs too, I've just started the '30 day shred' DVD, which there's another post about somewhere on the forum- I've not been doing it long but I'd recommend it as it takes a short amount of time but is really hard work :)

Best of luck with the weight loss and that final uni assignment! :)


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Thanks for the support Rigby and good luck on your journey to :)
Yesterday wasn't my BEST day...due to the sun shining and peer pressure kicking my a$$ and making me go to the pub!

Lunch: Subway-turkey which is one of the healthiest options with a little bit of mayo!
Dinner: A curry half and half
Snack: 10 pringles.
Drinks: Far too much wine! Which isn't helping my desire to eat healthily today but I'm gonna do it :)


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Ok so in the end my hangover kicked my backside yday and things didn't go so well....
-chicken and sweetcorn sandwich
-cheese puffs (only 87 cals though!)
-Now here is the motherload....garlic mushrooms,oven chips and chicken!
-3 celebrations!

Today however things are better!
I had a little caesar pasta salad earlier...didn't eat it all cause I really wasn't hungry so I'm going to have some more tonight for dinner!


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Ok so today is my 22nd bday (eek I'm getting old lol) and because it's my bday I'm allowed a few extra calories so today I've had....
Breakfast: boiled egg and 1 slice of toast.
Lunch/Dinner: Steak sandwich with tobacco onions and chunky chips.
I know lunch/dinner wasn't the best option but as it's counted for 2 meals I don't feel sooo bad! Plus this morning I went for a 3km walk...again not too far but every little helps!


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happy birthday :)


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thank you very much! i want to get right down to about 11 1/2 to 12 stone so about 2 stone to go!


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Gonna go and do my first weigh in in a moment! I don't expect any change to be honest
Yesterdays food intake...
Lunch:chicken pasta salad with light mayo
Dinner: Curry half and half. eeek!

from looking at the food I've been eating I think it's pretty clear I rely on carbs alot. I need to change that but I don't know how as the food that my mum buys is mainly carb based !


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i have alot of carbs but have cut down on Bread significantly, instead of sandwiches or pasta i have ryvita's with philli


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Ok soooo I went out on Thursday night for my birthday...the drinks were flowing (too fast and furiously) which meant that I decided a late night munch was a necessity-chips and chicken. Then when I woke up on Friday the only way to make myself feel like I wasn't about to die was a good munch or 10! I won't even go into what I ate yday but calorie count is probably around 1 million lol!

Back on track today!
Pasta salad so far!


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Ok I need serious motivated! I'm disgusted with myself! I have fallen off the bandwagon big style and over the past 2 days I've eaten more than I would have eaten before my diet started! I NEED to kickstart tomorrow it has to be done! I think I really decided to relax yday after being told I looked like I'd lost weight recently-ha I can tell you they won't be saying that if I keep going! Tomorrow is a different day! I can do this!

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