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My weight loss journy.

Hello everybody, this is my first post ever in this forums, and hopefully not last xD Loving reading all the posts and getting some knowledge about my body.

I've started my weight loss journy two months ago, Used to weight 82kg, Iam actually a kinda short guy, 169cm, therefore 82kg is alot for me, it felt fat for me, so ive lost so much weight during this time, I've done this with no knowledge whatsoever. I started to eating less, much much less, do some sports, jogging 4 days a week for 2 miles, some pushups, These stuff. Now I weight 70kg. Feeling great and just today I've got into this forums to ask some questions, because I think ive done few mistakes.

Now that I feel actually that Iam in a better shape bodywise. But Don't know about my health, because to be honest I feel weak. much weak, No power whatsoever, and add to that, when I grab stuff in my hand, I can't hold them roughly. I mean, i can hold it ok. but I cant' close my hands with power. if that make any sense to you.

think i've lost some vitemans, because the diet ive done is without a doctor consult, I just stopped eating, and went to something like this.

day #1, coffee morning. bowl of salad evening.

day #2, coffee morning, bowl of fruits evening.

and letarly it went like this for a whole month, sometimes I add grilled chicken to this list, or meat. but thats it, 1 small meal, and 1 or 2 coffee during the whole day. then a friend told me its wrong, and that my body now is missing plenty of stuff to function.

my question for you guys, What is a thing/product that I can buy from health store, that actually can give me the vitamins i'm missing from natural foods/etc. and of which I can continue what i'm doing without feeling weak.

and question #2, I actually lost weight, feel ok. but still I feel some section of my body still fat. and some sections are thin, for example. my face/hands/legs feel thin and fine, but my tummy/boobs still Feel huge.

how can I fix this?

Thank you very much, and p.s. Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.
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Hey hun and welcome to minis.

1st of all that 'diet' you are doing is not safe at all. No vitamins in the world will help you feel stronger if you aren't eating right.
So try the following....
Breakfast....Cereal or toast with some fruit.
Lunch....Soup and bread. Pitta bread with salad and ham/chicken/tuna. Plus a yogurt and fruit.
Dinner....New potatoes, chicken and vegetables.
You NEED to eat properly or you will make yourself very ill. What you are doing isn't a diet, you are just starving yourself.

Sometimes we don't lose weight from places we want to (like our tummies) not alot to do about this really. I guess toning exercises could work.

But yes, I really urge you to eat properly before you cause any long term damage to yourself.


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