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My worst day so far


I will do this!!!
Well iv been to a christening today. After the service we went into the village hall and there was tea and hundreds of cakes and nibbles. While everyone around me ate cake i drank my water which was fine. However after this we went to a relatives house where they were cooking a HUGE roast (my favourite meal) for everyone and the smell killed me. While i was changing my little boy upstairs i burst out crying and i could have easily eaten a whole plate of food but instead i left and went home and now im feeling terrible and im really thinking of eating!!!!!
Its only day 6 but iv already felt a lose and a tight top is now longer tight so i know its working and i really want it to work....but its so hard at the moment!!! :cry::tear_drop::cry::tear_drop::cry::help2:
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One more day to get through babe and then you'll see the results for yourself! Baths, hot drinks, keeping busy, reading a book, watching your favourite film - do any of those things to keep yourself from eating honey. It will not taste as good as you think it will and you will be so angry with yourself for giving in if you eat! Please keep strong and hopefully tomorrow the WI will spur you on!!

Good luck honey xx


I will do this!!!
Im know ill be so angry with myself but im so upset, think ill just have my last shake (vanilla which i hate!!!) and watch a film. :)


Says it as it is!!!
Don't you dare give in you have done sooo well!!! DO ANYTHING!!!!! rather than food.... it will ruin everything if you have a partner get him to watch your son and take yourself for a long walk you wil feel 110 times better! If not do as rb says baths, ealrynight anything and then get yourself to your weigh in tomorrow and be amazed!!!


Says it as it is!!!
Im know ill be so angry with myself but im so upset, think ill just have my last shake (vanilla which i hate!!!) and watch a film. :)
Try putting a spoon ful of coffee in it they are fab that way x x x Hot or cold!


I will do this!!!
Thanks guys. About the vanilla shake i have added coffee (hot and cold) but i still hate it, any other ideas?? dont think ill get any next week. Is the soup ok?
Hi Pizzle
Don't give in now you are doing SO well.
We have all been there hun and we all know how you feel but please believe us when we say it does get easier.
When you have your WI you will feel on top of the world and will realise it has all been soooooooo worth it.
You are over the worst of it now - please don't give up


I will do this!!!
Im not going to give up i cant!!! I CANT!! i already feel a tiny bit slimmer and im determined to get to my goal then i can enjoy good healthy food. I just want to eat so much grrrrr but i will resist iv got a long way to go and im not going to fail
Pizzle, you sound really strong and determined and you have already resisted more temptation today than most people could. You have done brilliantly already just remember how good it feels that your blouse is looser and how great you will feel after your first WI.

I didn't try the vanilla till about 3 weeks ago and love it with coffee. Your taste buds will change. I hated the soup at first (still not brave enough to try it again) but loved the strawberry. I tried a chocolate on Friday and that was very nice. I shall get some more tomorrow.

Is your WI tomorrow? If yes then don't forget to log in and add your success to the Monday Club total, we usually manage a combined loss of well over 100lbs, often 150lb.

Good luck.



Silver Member
Hi Pizzle, boy you did well not to cave in at the sight of that roast!! Well done!if you want to try the vanilla with coffee in it, it's much nicer with TWO spoons of coffee. :eatdrink017: Don't do that with the chocolate one though, if you want to make a chocca-mocha, you only need one spoon of coffee, I made that mistake and it was ugh! :sign0137: Keep it up Hun, you're doing great. xx
Yum, I'm off for a hot-mocha-choca before bed tonight.
Been a tough day for me too. Followed the bath advice. Had a good scrub, moisturise, painted nails etc.
Now in PJ's, fluffy robe and I'm off to make a comforting drink.

Keep going chick - almost there x


I will do this!!!
I love the chocolate ones so ill get plenty of them next week. I thought my WI was tomorrow but its not its every tuesday. So only one more day!!


Love God; Love People
Pizzle84, you did really well today. On Tuesday you will feel on top of the world with the results of your weigh-in. And ow that you've experienced victory over eating in social gatherings, you'll be more equipped for the next time, knowing that you've said no before and you can refuse firmly again.
We're all in this together, and Lipotrim DOES work beautifully! Congratulations in advance!
Hi there , your only human , its like a test, and you my dear won . I want to be thin more than i want to eat is the only thing that is entering your head. It is a painful thing when this sort of thing happens


I will do this!!!
Hi there , your only human , its like a test, and you my dear won . I want to be thin more than i want to eat is the only thing that is entering your head.
Thats exactly what i keep telling myself :)
if it was easy we would all be thin , but there are more people obese or very obese because we eat the food but never fill full , why i don't know , thats why its so hard dieting , its getting the right frame of mind to go on eachday

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