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  1. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Hi all, well my names Laura im 21 and have a 1 year old son called Oliver,

    Currently I weigh 15 stone 13lb's
    Was 16s 4lb last xmas and lost 1 stone at Slimming world but since June I just couldnt get my mind straight and needed something to help- Currently have the onset of type 2 diabeties and am so annoyed with my self I am letting this happen

    So on Tuesday my doctor prescribed me Xenical I was so excited at the thought of a new challenge but so scared of the horror stories.

    I was so relieved when I found this site on wednesday morning it put me at ease Thanks veryone hopefully i will be able to give out good advice like I have had and read.

    So here goes:

    Day 1- Wed 28th Oct
    Breakfast nothing- I dont like morning food
    Lunch- Special K with skimmed milk & banana
    Dinner-Stir fried broccoli and spring onions, light sweet and sour sauce with chicken and noodles
    Snacks- Apple and tonnes of water

    Day 2- Thurs 29th Oct
    Breakfast- nothing
    Lunch- Special K with skimmed milk & banana
    Dinner-Stir fried veg and salmon, small amount of seasme oil and chilli and cucumber Yummy!
    Snacks- Nakd cherry infused raisins(wow these are lush 0% fat and 0 sugar im in heavan :flirt2:

    Friday 30th Oct
    Breakfast nothing
    Lunch- Tin of Heinz carrot and lentil soup, doesnt look too appealing but has 0.2g of sat fat per tin!!, More nakd raisins
    Dinner will be-mashed potato(no butter, small amount of skimmed milk) low fat Vegetarian cheese and leek sausages and peas
    Snacks- a apple, 3 cups of tea- with sweetner and lots of water

    So far so good! No tango lol even after having salmon

    Thanks to anyone in advance for helping me and hope we can help each other

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  3. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    Hey Laura, that looks really good. I was exactly the same - I left the docs really happy with being prescribed these, looked it up online and major panic set in - stubbled across this forum and have been totally reassured! No tango incidents so far either lol xxx
  4. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    oh what are those rasin things - never seen/heard of them before?? Sound good tho! xx
  5. laura99

    laura99 Member

    There great they are in my local sainsbusys never seen them before but they have them online too, they are raisins but are infused with different flavours, iv seen orange lemon and cherry yummy!!
  6. laura99

    laura99 Member

    oh my god- I have just resisted the most yummest Cupcake from work with butter Icing mmmm- Keep focused!!
  7. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    Welcome, and good luck, you seem to be going great guns....
    this site has been my life line and i am completly addicted!!!
  8. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    hey laura!! welcome to minis!!

    if u need anything at all just ask! your menus sound amazing! will have to check out the raisins im supermarket!!

    speak soon love katie
  9. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    Hey Laura, how u getting on? Did you have a good weekend? x
  10. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Hi thanks so much for asking im feeling a bit annoyed im trying to be so good but my scales arn't changing :-(. Friday night i was so good, Saturday daytime I was fantastic and even went to spinning on bikes at my local leisure centre that was so nerve racking everyone was like a size 10 and there was me! but felt really good at the end of it. Saturday night I went off the wagon and had some doritos and sour cream and 3 glasses of wine and didnt take my tablet :-(. Sunday I was good again didnt eat all day and had a nice dinner. Where am I going wrong My first week at slimming world I lost 8lbs and feel really dishartened after only a week. Im following the 5g fat per meal rule and not snacking inbetween I know this is a life changing diet but i just need to see some positive results Thanks xx
  11. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    hey hun! sorry u r feeling rubbish!

    firstly stop weighing mid week!!! it does your confidence no good! I know this from experience! i have been hoppin on the scales all day oday and i am a nervous wreck for my weigh in tomoz!

    secondly i can speak from experience as can others, that you get costipated in yopur first week or 2! your body is adjusting to the strict limits of fat! dont worry it will even its self out! just try an stop weighing! I know how hard it is cos i am constantly battling with my self to stop weighing! hehehe

    r u keeping check on your calorie intake? im a sucker for sweets stuff and bread and they r really high in cals and low in fat so i have to keep check on them too

    keep your chin up! it will come off in the end

  12. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Thankyou so much for your advice I know I shouldnt be doing it :) so hard to resist! What sort of things do you eat at lunch- I usually have something small or nothing at all meaning im absolutly starving all day

    Thanks again xx
  13. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    i too am a daily weigher!! but this week im not going to!! and ill take the batteries out if i have to! LOL...
    i too have to watch the amounts of carbs...
    OH there is so much to take in!!!
    cals, carbs, fat, protien, fibre... ehhhhh makes your head want to explode...

    after week 2 im learning about things that i should not eat. (cals, carbs and also fat) and its starting to sink in....
    if you are struggling please post... everyone here is ever so supportive and have helped me out loads!!!!
    good luck this week, and i do hope that things improve.
    i stayed the same for 2 weeks after i lost 8lb... and i was weighing myself 3-4 times a day... to get that 1 pound to come up on the scales.... but its like watching the phone waiting for it to ring... it wont ring if you stare at it
  14. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    I am a sucker for ready made meals! if im working i have a ww beef hotpot with a bag of that microwave steam veg!

    if i am feelin in a snacky mood i'll have 4 slices of ww bread sprayed with fry light and beans made on the tostie machine.

    if im at home and not busy i'll have 100g of potato chipped sprayed with fry light and oven baked to make into 'chips' and a boil in the bag cod in parsley sauce!

    fill up with a yoghurt and a piece of fruit mid afternoon! I have a slightly under ripe banana cos they keep you fuller for longer! I defo dont reccomend skippin lunch tho. if your at work all day your brain needs feeding! i think i would keel over if i skipped lunch!! hehe

    if u need any more ideas then just give us a shout!

    hope u r having a fab day!

    love katie
  15. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Thankyou so much for the advice sounds yummy!! Iv had loads of homemade couscous today with veg :-D

    My sister- Stick thin cow who eats anything she want was just eating a diam bar- they have 9g of fat in! 2 of my meals and im twice her size so unfair :-(
    Also was going to ask when you follow the 5g fat per meal is that fat or saturated fat?

    Thanks again xx
  16. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Yay!! Got on the scales this morning and I have a 4lb LOSS!!!
    Not as much as my first week at slimming world 8lb but I am soo pleased that it is coming off! I love the fact that the ticker has moved :-D
  17. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    wow well done....
    so pleased for you. thats what i lost on my first week tooo....
    yay its so nice to be able to see the ticker go down isnt it....
    makes you just want to smile!!!
  18. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    hows things going laura99....
    we are both from Oxfordshire i see!!
  19. laura99

    laura99 Member

    Hi, I live in Abingdon but im an Oxford girl really thats where I grew up went to school ect.

    Its been a really busy week so I havent had chance to update my progress, I lost 2lb this week, mixed feelings as I know 2lb is still loads but was hoping for a bigger loss as im being so good.

    How is every one else doing?
  20. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Hya Laura, try to be positive about your 4lb weight loss, and don't feel disappointed. I see you and I have the same start weight and have both lost 4lb in two weeks, I also expected a bigger loss but if you notice a lot of the people who are successful on this forum have lost weight at this rate and are doing great. Every little bit adds up. I am glad I found this site on the day I started dieting because when I'd only lost 1 1/2lb at the end of the first week I was gutted, but with the encouragement of everyone here I managed to do better the next week. Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, so fingers crossed.

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