Back again!

Does anyone here use myspace? A friend of mine has been going on & on about it and I just wondered if anyone else has myspace & what they think about it. I spend so much time on the internet as it is, not sure if I should be adding to that at the moment :)
I don't, but both of my boys use it all the time. When I was trying to get hold of my eldest son when I was in Canada, (he stayed home), my youngest told me that they only way to get hold of him was via myspace:eek:

I've found both of their myspace sites and must say I did get a bit of a shock.

14 yr old has himself down as 'bi', though he swears he was only joking:confused: Umm. Not sure how I feel about that.

14 yr olds best friend reckons he's selfharming yet seemed such a together type of guy.:confused:

Eldests was the most interesting as he's a mystery to us all, yet he has answered a questionaire about himself. Various topics including

Have you ever taken drugs.
Do you smoke
Do you get on with your parents

He showed a wonderful sense of humour in his answers. A side of him we've never seen. Nice to see him put down that he gets on with us well :)

Anyway...rambling again, and of course, we don't know whether what they put down is to impress their friends or whether it's the truth.

What was the question again? ..........hang on.........scroll up..........whoops nope....scroll down....

Does anyone here use myspace?

Nah :D
LOL - thanks for that Karion - I think??????
I should look into this I think as my Mum and Dad live in France. I know they've tried Skype but I think they've had some probs.

I have a myspace page.. i love it.. i tend to have lots of bands as my friends on there.. but also a few people who live locally and i got in touch with an old friend on there who is in the army, hadn't seen him for years because I moved 90miles north of my hometown 7 years ago.

Its addictive.. just like this!