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N.I.C.E. Document test


Gone fishing


Gone fishing
Please read the questions carefully, then mark your own paper.

Do not look at the answer until you have given your own answer.
1. What pages comes after 24?

25 (score 2)
26 (score 1)…please turn pages carefully
0 (score 0) …please open pdf up.


2. What were your first thoughts on the colour of the cover?

a) Very attractive. Makes me want to open it up and read the contents (score 2)
b) Okay…prefer purple (score 1)
c) Pink. (score 0) …please open pdf up. Come on…just do it! No more excuses


3. What were your first thoughts on the amount of pages in the document?

a) Wow. Fantastic. Will make some great bedtime reading (score 2)
b) Will look at it another day (Score 1)
c) WTF (Score 0)…and wash your mouth out with soapy water

How did you score?
4+= Please contact your local Adult Education Centre and ask for the numeracy department

3 = Excellent. You are able to concentrate and follow directions. Extremely conscientious and can focus on the task in hand. You grasp new ideas readily and score highly in speed reading test last term . Keep up the good work.

2 = You try hard, but can sometimes procrastinate.

0 = The job of CDC is proving too tiresome for you. Please report to the Flower Arranging class on the 3rd floor


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PMSL - have scanned it - I am sure i have heard it all before somewhere - wonder how much someone was paid to write and research that !!!!.


Gone fishing
You are just jealous KD coz we get to read things like this and you don't:D
Ha...but I read it:D Well...I read the cover anyway.

You should try the guidelines on diabetes if you need some good bedtime reading:sigh:
Nah..it's okay. Will stick to reading my dictionary or do the boring Genesis 'begats' if I really need some sleep:D
lmao.. so funny.. but get a life!!!! hee hee hee!!

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