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Nail help please!!

It could mean anything hun, usually the weather plays a big part, nails like vitamin d to keep them strong as we lack sunlight this time of year nails and hair tend to suffer.

The only thing i would suggest taking is the perfectil vitamins, they are fab for nails, also apply a hardner or strengthner...sally hanson do good ones, and in the mean time keep your nals filed short to avoid ripping further down, and look after your cuticles.

If you have had any kind of acrylic or gel applied recently this can weaken the nails, so avoid that and let your nails breathe themselves.....sorry this is such a rushed answer but hopefully it helps.xx


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I agree with Air Girl about the Sally Hansen strengtheners. Tesco sells them. I use them every couple of days and then once a week use one of those 4 sided emery things to file - with a gentle file - and buff so dead loose cells are removed and air can get in to them and my cuticles.

After years of c**p nails, I can now wear nail polish (my son is shocked because I tend to wear blue, purple and green rather than reds - bless him!!)
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Another agreement for the Sally Hansen stuff - I use the Diamond Hard one and it makes my nails absolutely rock hard and really strong - they don't bend or break at all. It does mean it hurts like a ba$tard when you break one, though - just a warning!
thanks guys, i do take a multi vitamin, i reakon its the time of the year!! hhmmph x x come on summer!!!

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