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Hello everybody,

Anybody out there that has had or has at the moment the horrible vomiting virus that's raising it's nasty head this winter?

I came down with it on Friday, have been in bed since, veryyyyyy sick and still no better, the doctor said drink lots of 7up, can't bare to smell or see food, have lost 12Lbs in 4 days, and still really sick. I have my work xmas dinner party on Wednesday night, I was worried last week about spoiling ss, but I guess my chances are that I won't even be able to go!

Any remedies folks?:jelous:
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You poor thing.

Small amounts of dry toast and plain water is always my way of getting rid of bugs. I work on the principle that if virtually nothing goes down, it can't come up!!!

I think the 7up or Cola is a way of rehydrating and putting sugar into the system.

There is a powder you mix in water and sip that replaces vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Is there anyone who can go to a pharmacy for you?

Big hugs. Hope you get better soon.

Yes, I had it. Started off with me feeling really really tired for a few days, and being over the top emotional - crying at anything and everything. Then came the vomiting.

I thought I was pregnant!!!!

Poor you though, it is awful. Drinking 7up or whatever will be ok, it sounds like you're probably in ketosis anyway if you're not eating and have lost all that weight.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
I got a virus like that in Feb this year when I was 11 weeks preg, thought it was morning sickness making an appearance (unlikely at 11 weeks) then it hit the back end...sorry TMI...anyway I was sick as a dog, couldn't get out of bed for days. Hope you feel better soon x

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