PCOS and Pregnant!


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Just to give others hope. Here is a summary of my story!!

Painful periods and years of being on birth control!
Horrible hospital visits with regards to Acne
Accepted my Acne was to do with pcos
No baby despite being in long term relationships!
Tried metaformin made me worse..
Doctor in hospital hadn't a clue
Paid private to get finally diagnosed with PCOS
Had to slim down for IVF
Tried IVF twice - miscarried twice
Tried Accupuncture -spent thousands
Still No baby
Gave up hope.
Noticed I started ovulating normally (maybe it was my age or the fact that I started doing lots of natural healing therapies and wasn't as stressed?)
Joined slimming world
6 weeks later found out I am pregnant!
Therefore I got pregnant before SW and at my very heaviest EVER!
have lost a stone due to SW
Seen the heartbeat on the monitor and knew it wasn't a MC.. so resigned myself to accept the unexpected!
I am 41 and pregnant and what a TOTAL SHOCK!!!

I tried everything.. what made me conceive? Relaxation, enjoying myself no stress etc Doctor said it always happens when we give up fighting. He has had others to go on and have babies this way....

FEW WORDS OF WISDOM... Accept yourself enjoy life and it will happen if it is meant to. (I would have hated that If I heard it when TTC.. but ask many pcos sufferers how they got pregnant in the end.. most will say the same).
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Similar story, but I got 'accidentally' pregnant at 18 (and 14st). Then for the next 7yrs nothing. Suddenly my periods stopped for 3yrs which is when I got my pcos diagnosis, I met my current partner and told him I couldn't have kids, then suddenly my periods returned regular and within 2 months (of meeting my OH) I was pregnant, my kids are 10 years apart. Have been trying for another for nearly 4 years and had 2 miscarriages, but it won't stop me, if i can only have them 10 years apart I'll be 39 for the next one and that's fine.
The only thing I did differently was joined a gym, but I was still 20st, my OH thinks he just has special swimmers :), but perhaps it was a new relationship and a 'happy' me that helped, who knows....