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naughty syn treat!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Mine is usually for an extra 1oz cheese on a green day and that 6 syns....doesnt sound like much, but I ted to just have a maximum of 4 on a Red Day. Dont fancy anything else, not depriving myself of anything...just dont drink and chocolate gives me toothache!
Hey all ,

I'm quite tight when it comes to syns as i like to spend them all on alcohol (ahem) but the biggest one i let myself have is a bag of monster munch which racks up 10 Syns was just wondering what everyone else likes to splurge on.:p
that's not a huge grab bag though? Love monster munch too but only ever see the big grab bags... no one seems to do the smaller bags!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
yes there deceptively fatty it's 5.5 for a 22g bag and the 40 g which appears to be normal size sold in newsagents works out at bout ten
Lol...almost as exciting as my cheese!! Lol
:8855: That really is pushing the boat out!!!! xx
I don't usually spend my syns except on ketchup and options...

But today i've been at a loss as i didn't have time to make anything for lunch and the only topping in the canteen for jacket potato was cauliflower cheese and a small portion (which is about what i had) is 9 syns! But i was hungry lol.
So i'm not having any more syns today haha xxx


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
how many syns in that peanut and jam sandwich lol i bet theres loooads!!
mines choc!!! YUMMY x


Over half way to target
I tend to spend most of mine on vino! I'm not really that bothered for chocolate, I'd rather have crisps, but have managed to kick the crisp habit and haven't had any since I started SW in July.

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