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nausea already????

I doubt it ....

Maybe it's a psychological thing - the very thought of what you're embarking upon. It's quite an alien concept to realise you're not actually going to be 'eating' for a while.

Have you been drinking the required amount of water? Do you normally drink lots of water anyway or is this a new thing because of CD? I remember that the sudden increase in my intake of water made me feel 'sicky' in the very early days. A veteran gave me the tip that the water shouldn't be ice-cold as that increases the feeling of nausea - I followed the advice and it got a lot easier.

Sorry I can't be more helpful
It could be the water now you mention it, my stomach feels all swishy if you see what I mean.

Might have to get up and do something to take my mind of it. ;)
Distraction techniques ... that's what this diet is all about! ;)
I've got some housework to do (procrastinating on here! :D ) and then I'm meeting an old friend for 'lunch' ... how ironic! lol

Of course, my lunch will be black and sugarless and come in a cup!
Have a good day at work AJ ... stick with the diet no matter what - we're all here to see you through the first difficult days :)


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I am on lipotrim and in my first week I was gagging on the vanilla, so refused to have it for months....I have just had my first one and even though I find it ok to drink really cold now, I still feel a little...... blurgh ! LOL


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How bizzare - I ve been feeling "off" too - think it prob is just getting used to the water - sure it will pass

Hope you feel better as the day goes on as its awful being poorly at work

Take care x


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Sure it will pass - we'll get through it - once you ve tasted that smooth creamy tetra the only thing you'll be gagging for is another one lol x


i love minimins me :)
hey hun :)

it des get better and easier honest, i didnt believe it would but it does, i put ya in my top friends on myspace :D

once u get over first week things get 10 times easier

For the first week of the diet i wanted to throw up with each milkshake. I couldn't stomach the soups at all so they had to go! I found that the best way of getting rid of the sick feeling was to have alternating sips of my milkshake with water. It did the trick.

It will get better with time, just sick to it.

xx :)

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