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near the end for me now ,


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Hi all havent been on for a bit now ,
iv got about another 4 weeks on cambridge ,
and have been looking at low cal diets online ,
Iv found something called 18in4 that say u will lose 18lbs in 4 days and your are eating healthy meals .
I just wanted to know if any of you have tryed this diet and you need to buy the page online to know how to do it ,
many thanks
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Yes I agree, sounds a bit ambitious! I am always sceptical about claims like these. Don't think it is possible to lose that amount in 4 days, perhaps 4 weeks?

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Your weight loss path speaks highly of your ability to stick to CD.. why would you look for something other? I was just about to congratulate you on getting to goal soon! :D
Congrats on your weight loss - it's inspiring for sure! :D

If you eat meat, then you could use Atkins as a low carb but eating plan.. but honestly I'd avoid 'fads' - yeah I know some will say CD / Atkins are, but we know they're not!


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Iv found something called 18in4 that say u will lose 18lbs in 4 days and your are eating healthy meals .
I know some people who did it. Yes, they did lose some weight. As it's a VLCD, and low carb, you lose the water weight in the first few days, just like you did on Cambridge. You would have already lost that, so if you are looking for a big loss in those first few days, you'll have to eat a load to put it back on again before you start Zeta's diet. Sort of misses the point though.

It lacks protein. Yes, there's some there, but not much. I wouldn't do it for more than 3-4 days or you will lose lean mass.

The UK girl I knew who did it, had a bit of trouble getting the prune juice in her supermarket. Not sure how she got it in the end, but anyway, she lost 5lbs in the 4 days and was delighted. She was going to do it again the following month, but I don't know whether she did.

Don't know whether you've seen the plan. There's no much there to eat, but hopefully you will still be in ketosis. Doubt 3-4 days will do you much harm. Best of luck


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Hi carlax, my friend did this not so long ago, you have to pay for the diet plan, honestly it is not worth it, she lost about 41/2lbs but then started to put it back on again, so it was obviously her water weight which you won't have to loose.... come on girl you can stick out cambridge for another few weeks, look how far you have come, you are truely an inspiration :)


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look how far you have come, you are truely an inspiration :)
Agreed! Just noticed how much you've lost carlax. Excellent :clap:

You were close to goal, so what happened? Did the near goal Muckerupper Fairy attack? :( She can be beaten ya know, and you've certainly proved that you can really make this diet work for you.

So, how have the last few weeks been?


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Thanks guys well i came off over crimbo , and gained a few lbs , im 10 ,2lb at the mo want to be 8 ,13 i think , so was gonna do one more month on this then try and eat low carb and stuff but when i saw 18in4 thought i may try it but defo wont now , just stick to healthy eating and work outs i think ,
thanks again guys ,
tips would be water and coffee all the way i try to drink 3 litters of water and 5 cups of coffee everyday , after going back on it after 5 weeks of drinking and eating what ever i wanted i lost 7 lbs the first week again , x

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