Nearly 2st shifted!!


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As of today's weight (15:9) I have 6lbs left until I have lost 2st.
I started the diet on 17 oct, since then I have had 1 week off.

I'm rather chuffed with myself that I've actually stuck with it.
My current goal is to be in the 14's by Xmas (although I am having a few days off over Xmas, ad I'm cooking this year. eek!!)
Then my next goal it to get to 12:7 by my birthday in April. It may sound like im jumping the gun slightly but I like to hope I can actually do it.
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Well done you!!!!!!

We have a similar sort of loss so far, I bet you can tell the difference already. I'm also having a few days off over Christmas as i am also cooking eekk.

I shall keep an eye for you, I reckon you will get to target for April it is certainly achievable at the rate you are going xx

Chamonix Bee

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So very well done u!! Nothing feels as good as seeing the reduction on those scales, darling.

Be strong over Christmas & don't get tempted whilst cooking. Instead keep focused on what your gonna buy yourself and wear on your special day in April!

Good luck!


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Well done you. My consultant advised if you are panning on eating over xmas dish up on a side plate as 1. you will struggle to eat even that whilst on SS where your stomach has shrunk so much & 2. it looks like you have eaten a lot more than you really have :) She also said to try and fill up on protein (meat) and lots of veggies :) rather than potatoes and yorkshires :) You should then still lose a couple of lbs over the Christmas period and be able to join in still with the celebration :) good luck whatever way you decide to go with food over the xmas period :)


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The side plate is really really good advice - i must remember that for when I stop SSing - beacsue unfortunately my stomach didn't seem to shrink at all last timeand I managed to go straight back to eating enormous platefuls no problems ;-( - lesson to self - go up the plans next time!


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Eeeek, I'm cooking for Xmas as well, the small plate idea is marvellous :eating:. I really only want to make that one meal break the immediately back to SS!
Well done on your weight loss so far Keighleyjo2010! It was be marvellous to get two stone behind you, I can't wait for it to be off me too :rolleyes: