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Nearly jacked it in. TMI alert.


She's me in a few months
I've had a horrible weekend, came off CD completely (thankfully no damage on the scales), do you remember my little toilet problem? Well it came back with a vengeance, I'm sitting (sideways) atm and it's sore to even pass wind.

It started Sat, needed a poo, went to the toilet and nothing, except lots of blood, I was in agony by this point, at 3.30am I was back up and had to go, back to bed, back up an hour later after tossing and turning to take painkillers, yesterday I lay on the couch all day, then went for a dettol bath, in the meatime I've been putting on proctosedyl and taking lactulose, I haven't been for a poo since and I've got a sore tummy :(

Yesterday I had shreddies, vegetable soup and pizza, nothing else, I couldn't face CD I was in so much pain. So far today I've had nothing, still not sure what to do.

Anyway I went to doc's this morning, I tought I had a pile, it turns out I have piles, plural, at least 2. I also have a fissure and thats why I'm in so much pain, he's given me anusol (which I've got anyway) and sachets of fybogel. He thinks it's manageable and we're not at the surgical stage, yet. I told him I was on CD and he didn't suggest coming off it, just told me it won't help with my problem.

I just don't know what to do, I love losing weight on CD, I just don't know if it's worth all the pain I'm in. Has anyone else had a similar experience and survived?
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She's me in a few months
Hi Quiz,

I think the lactulose and the fybogel is supposed to 'soften'. Oh I hope so!
Aw hun i am so so sorry to hear this! What a horrible time you have had :( If you came off CD would it even help your situation? Try what the doc has given you and give it ago without thinking about coming off the diet... your doing so well it would be a shame :(

I know what you mean about pain tho. Untill saturday i was fine on CD not one problem with pooping lol Untill saturday and i thought i was giving birth to a 100lb baby OUCH!! (sorry if tmi) haha! I was so sore and it really hurt me. God knows how much pain you must be in hun :(

Try what the doctor has given you and see how well it works and then go from there ~hugs~ xxxx
hi , sorry to hear about your problem , I suffered similar problems on lipotrim TFR and had to use glyceryn suppositories once a week :(
I have now swapped to CD SS+ and find it has really helped the problem to be on SS+ , the small meal really seems to help keep me regular .. it may be worth a go for you rather than give up altogether ? worth a thought


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hi scooterchick i had the same prob;em many years ago and ended up having stitches i the end, im feeling for you at the mo as i know what its like, not nice, i used to cry in pain, try what your using with the diet and see how you go, i think it would be a bit easier, i used callifig at bad times it worked for me, bless you good luck xxx

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