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need a bit of help

hi, im on day 6, not had any problems at all so far, been feeling great, hungry a little but not starving and no real problems..... until today. i haven't craved anything or even been tempted, but just felt really down about it... i just can't seem to shake it off, just feeling really down and sorry for myself and don't want it to ruin anything....
any advice would be great.
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I was exactly the same once or twice but it honestly passes, the best thing you can do is have a nice early night and wake up with a clear head, dont let it get to you its just your head trying to beat you in this mad LT game, youll be fine Mel xx


Says it as it is!!!
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It happens to us all hun, go pamper yourself have an early night or lots of sex xxxx
Tomorrow is a new day and it is always better xxxx
thanks, i know in my mind that its nothing and will be ok but just feel like i could cry, poor me.....
i should mention i am a bit of a drama queen though which doesn't help. x
Hang on in there, getting to day 6 on any VLCD is a massive achievement in itself so take some solace in that.

I hope that you manage to shake the glumness away and wake up full of beans and positvity tomorrow! Treat yourself to some nice fancy bubble bath and have a pampering day. Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

I am quite drunk at the moment, so I do apologise if I'm talking utter rubbish. Just keep going, you're doing so well :)

x x x x
Bex is correct, but DONT you go and get drunk!! xx


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it's part of the journey we've all been through it but IT PASSES, have an early night and wake up rejuvinated
Bex is correct, but DONT you go and get drunk!! xx
No, I'm being naughty and having a break from my diet! :eek:

I'm going to wake up in the morning feeling pants and regretting not sticking to my diet and being envious of all you strong people doing well! So go make an example of me ;)

Feel better soon :)
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW your naughty im gunna tell teacher ;-p x
I've been there too hun and I think it's quite normal, judging by what everyone else seems to be saying. My day 5 was really bad and I just felt really down and depressed about everything. Like you, no particular reason for it and didn't seriously consider cheating or anything like that. However, the next day was fine and I have been OK ever since. Just think of it as part of your journey to get to where you want to be. I keep asking myself what I would be doing if I wasn't doing LT, and the answer is stuffing myself stupid with food and getting heavier and heavier. Stick with it hun, I promise it gets easier. x
thanks everyone and it did pass, woke up ok, the next day and great the day after..... thanks
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Glad to hear you are through the worse. These times happen, last Friday I just kept bursting into tears for no reason and every little setback felt like a major disaster!!!! Today, no problems!!!!

Hang in there.


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