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Need a boot!

Ok confession time:wave_cry:
I need a serious telling off folks..
I'm currently entertaining my dd's friends (8x10 yrs olds) for a sleepover!
(its been her birthday so having a party etc)
Anyway, the party food's got the better of me again. Last week it was a handfull of mini-sauasages. This afternoon, mini-sausages, 2 mini-eggs & a handfull of tortilla crisps.. God how stupid am i?? I'm not going to do this again, straight back on it tomorrow, but why oh why did i have to do that?! Been good all week after my last hiccup:break_diet: Now i've probably pushed myself out of the 'k'. Would a handfull of tortillas do that?
:whoopass:Thanks folks!
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Would a handful of tortillas do that?

Yeah, probably.

As has been established on this forum previously, you need to address this recurring cheating and figure out why you cannot resist picking up that handful of mini sausages or tortilla chips.

You worked really hard to get yourself back on the wagon and then threw yourself off again with gay abandon. That's not why you're on LT. You're on LT to battle your demons and conquer the issues you have with food. Food doesn't control you - so stop letting it!

Concentrate on how bad you feel now and remember that the next time you feel like reaching into the fridge. You can do this, you will do this, and you're going to start doing this right now. Straight back on the wagon, drink extra water to try and make up for the slip and most importantly...


You did say you needed a stern talking to... ;)
Thank-you i absolutely needed that! Well i've just served the b'day cake with no worries, & generally food hasn't bothered me, i'm around it a lot still. So i think its probably not drinking enough today, i've barely had time, plus i missed my shake at lunchtime due to rushing around. Lesson learnt, your right tho, the water is key. Thanks x


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hi u shouldnt really miss the shakes,thats probably why u were so tempted,stay strong hon,fight it,its so hard with treats around the house,but it will be worth it when you can fit inti skinny jeans and eat again,plus its such a waste of money....good luck tomo
drink loads of water:)
Thanks jenny, you're right, its stupid. Grrrr why did i do it? Money wize too, i didn't think of that! You don't sometimes.
I've just had a moan to my other half about myself, who has just served me a pint of water, love him!
Well today i feel i've probably got off lightly, don't feel hungry, but already had loads to drink!! Definately going to be good & feeling positive, thanks again x

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