Need a buddy!!


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Hi guys! Im back after a very hectic christmas! Needless to say I slipped off the diet again and am back to square one!! Third time lucky Im hoping but this time I think I need buddy!!! Ive got around 50ish pounds to lose to be back to my 2 year ago AVERAGE :( anywho, I hope I can find soeone whose pretty new or newly started the diet again! My email is [email protected], any support is welcome!! Thanks guys! Happy new year!!!:cool:
Bumping your thread up LL to give everyone ample chance to read it :)
Hi lighterlifer! I did Lighterlife in the summer and lost 3.5 stone and felt AMAZING size 12, blah blah blah. I switched to Cambridge at the end for various reasons, but then completely lost the plot and since November have managed to pile on 1 stone 4lbs :eek: .. SO I am going to get back on track (2nd Jan) and would LOVE to be one of your buddies!

Must change my ticker, it's wrong now :(
Hi sarah and lighterlifer:eek:

Im restarting on 2nd jan..put almost a stone on since my lightest weight of 10st 9lb and the size 12 youre talking about sarah....:p

time to do it this time....with you guys allt he way...ALL the way!:D

so lets take the bull by the horns and blinkin go for it!x
Yay lets do it!! Can't wait to start again now, especially knowing I'm not the only one. I'm being a bit weaker than you lot and starting 1st or 2nd jan - will let you know when I've started, I will post threads like "aargh I'm hungry" etc etc!!

Well done all of you, you're one step ahead of me but I'm right behind you!