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need a hug please!! struggling with CD


Call me Nicky xx
Hi everyone, having a bad few days on CD, I havent cheated and stuck to my shakes and drinking 4L of water a day but I am still finding it so hard. I am miserable and feeling a bit sick too which isn't helping. Just feel like I need a boost and a hug.

My target seems so far away.... :cry:

Can someone please give me some inspiration :needhug:

sorry for the rant :wave_cry:
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come on NICKY ,doing so well and if we dont start the race we cant finish it . just think how wonderful your wardrobe will be when you reach goal ! big hugs baby you can do it xxxxxxxx
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You can definitely do it. I believe that starting is the hardest and if you can do that then you can absolutely finish this!

Maybe split your loss down into more achievable goals then it won't look like it is such a long journey?

It will be worth it when you are slim and then you can eat and drink again in moderation and enjoy your life more!!!


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You will be a goal before you know it. I've been doing it since mid of October. Stopped for a few days over Easter as I went to a wedding and stopped for a day two weeks ago. However I am getting there even if its a bit slower than some. I want to do it and I'm sure you do too. Good luck


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have a hug from me. I am only only day 2 and i have a headache, i feel sick, tired and am not sure how I am going to make it through week one - but then I think kylie - i want to look like kylie lol

you will get there it will just take sheer determination :)

I find coming on this takes my mind of the food i want but am not even really hungry for. I think its mind over matter we want the food more because we can't have it .

good luck

nikki x


Step away from the chips!
(((hugs))) hang in there, you can get through this. Totally agree with the previous post about setting yourself some mini-goals to keep you motivated and make the journey seem a little less long x


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Take it one day at a time and feel pleased with yourself when you have had a good day. You can do it and just look at the inspirational slide show. Many of the pics are of people who have done CD

A big ((((hug) for you

Irene xx
Big hugs to you! Stay strong, take it a day at a time or even a hour at a time if you need to! In no time you will be the one on here giving out advice to others because you've done so well on the diet.


Call me Nicky xx
thanks everyone, I knew that by posting I would feel better. I have had some fresh air and things are back into perspective. I am so glad I have this site, I would b lost without you guys. Thanks xx :talk017:


French Honey
The hardest part is the first stone I think, after that you start to notice the difference and that helps to keep you going. It's always hard to motivate yourself all day every day and this diet is unforgiving, so you have to. But it does get easier when you start to see results I promise; because you can see that you are actually 'getting there'. You also feel less inclined to cheat once you see some weight coming off because you don't want to go back to where you have fought so hard to come from.

Chin/s up :) We'll all get there in the end xxx

Allan G

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:vibes::vibes::vibes:Sending good vibes, the first few days are the worst, but you have reached the 4 day point, the headaches will disapear and you will start to feel better, just focus on your weigh in next week, you will feel better, but for now have one of these :grouphugg:


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Big hugs you know you can through this x


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NOTHING at all in the world feels better than when you lie in your bed when you first wake up and you can feel your ribs!


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How are you today? feeling a bit better about it all I hope!

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