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need a little help from your (lt) friends

hello guys me again (thing im turning into a serial poster ha)

ive been reading through a load of peoples posts, cos i have nothing better to do and i like to see people feel the same as i do about things. ANYWAY i have seen alot of post about low days and people having hard days, finding it hard to keep motviated. i completely relate to this every few days i just want to give all in and have something yummy specially when i see other people doing it (grr to my mother and sister going for sunday lunch :|) anywho i thought it might be a nice idea to make a tread with just some tips or advice on wat different people do when they are feeling the little demons building up on them. maybe if people would like to add a a point or two that would be great. i no id love some more handy tips. but guys keep it short so peeps can just read though them all. i no im no one to talk cos i do be righting essays once i start but maybe just add a line or two for some ideas if u like.
ill start shall i??

:flirt2:i keep a VERY bad picture of me on my phone at my heaviest so i look at it and remember why i do NOT want to be back there.

:flirt2:i had a MASSIVE storage bad of clothes that did not fit me at various levels and every now and then i try something on to see if its closer to fitting or actually does (now i have 3 more jeans i can wear and a good few tops :D)

:flirt2:last weekend i through out my most BAGGIEST clothes i used to use to COVER me. no going bk now mwahaha.

thats all i got so far :p
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I found yesterday hard, as Sundays are a lazy day. So I had a look around the shops.
I bought a pair of white linen trousers from Primark (size 18 biggest they do) - when I started on 4th Jan, I was struggling to get in to a size 24. Every week after my WI, I get the white linen pants out and try them on......last week, I was actually able to fasten and zip them up (still quite tight across the tummy though). This has really helped me keep motivated, I want to be able to shop in the main stream shops instead of Evans etc!


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when ever I'm struggling at night time, I go upstairs and try on clothes that are just a bit too small for me!

I have also hung a dress that i'm looking forward to wearing in the next couple of weeks on the outside of my wardrobe. I've taken a photo of it and use it as wallpaper on my phone
oh thats a good idea too. i have the most beautiful skirt id love to wear. now its gotta be a size 10/12 if anything but god i love it lol
I think mine are very similar to yours!

- I have my before/after pictures as my wallpaper on my phone (seeing as I'm trying to get back to my goal...)
- Try on my goal dress & see how close it is to fitting
- Get rid of all the "fat clothes" once they stop fitting
- Go online shopping! I can spend hours doing that...

Yeah, i try clothes on that are either too big or my 'goal' clothes! I bought a pair of trousers for work the other day from Oasis that were a bit too small so i am trying them on every other day...hope i get into them sooooon!!!xx
I'm just on day 9 but the thing that keeps me motivated so far is a Journey Journal where I record my lioptrim journey. All the reasons I started are there, why I have to continue this and the consequences if I don't stick to this. So, anytime, I feel like self sabotaging, I dive into this, write all my feelings etc. and put them on the paper rather than turning to food. Helping me stay on track so far.


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I just think about all the money I have wasted if I ate now and spoiled it. This is my third attempt to stay at my goal weight and I am going to have to make drastic changes to my lifestyle once I refeed. I feel such a failure for stuffing my face with food. I spoke to the doctor last week and he said diets don't work, I agreed, but said it is like being an alcoholic on this diet, NO food at all and I'm fine, but give me a choice on other diets and I can't help myself. : )

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