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Need a plan

Hey all,
I've a wedding this weekend and want to enjoy it but stay within my points! Looking for any handy tips to avoid ruining everything with lots of vino!

So far all I have is stick to vodka and diet coke! Might get a bit messy if thats all I do :7834:

All handy tips welcome...
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You could still have wine but go for a small or medium glass and alternate them with a glass of slimline tonic water with ice and a slice of lemon.

Make sure you eat a well balanced meal before you drink to soak up the alcohol so you can handle the alcohol, I find once I get tipsy all common sense flies out of the window and I end up doing shots and cocktails lol, seems like a good idea at the time, not so good when you wake up with a hangover and attempt to work the points out x

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I would just take an evening off it that was me....but i'm not very sensible lol.

Are you going to the whole wedding so eating that food there too?

If not, have a well balanced but low PP meal before you go. Maybe a hearty 0pp veg soup with some pasta thrown in and then you've got plenty points for alcohol but still have a full tummy! Other than that, just enjoy yourself!

Ooh also have a meal plan for the day after so you don't go reaching for the fry up in the morning with a vodka hangover haze!
thanks guys! Yes I'll be at the whole wedding - its local so I think I might pop home after the church for a bowl of 0 PP soup (great idea Sawyer!) much better then nibbling away at the venue! Also need to seriously avoid the cocktails, its a slippery road :D:D
Planning for the day over will also be key - I hadn't even thought of that one!
Thanks again x
Oh god yes, the hangover munchies are a killer, you definitely need to plan for the next day.

When I'm hungover I tend to feel hungry all day no matter how much I eat so no or low point soup is a must for me.

Enjoy the wedding x

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Thanks Nic, no doubt I'll be back on here on Saturday saying OOPS the cocktails were just too enticing lol But I will try my best :crazy:
Don't worry if you fall off the wagon, it'll come by to pick you up again the next day lol

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I have fallen off the wagon for alcohol so many times! But it's one day in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy yourself as much as you want to and make up for it in the morning!

There was a fantastic cooked brekkie on the food diary - the one with pics on! - so you could plan something like that?


Anna here :D xxx
no probs, i stole it from somewhere else lol xxx
Well shock horror I was a complete disgrace :) countless vodkas & diet cokes, avoided the wine though so that has to count! Great day/night will be suffering today:)

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