Need advice guys.


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for those who dont know I did Lighter Life from November till March and lost 4 stones. Then got the flu and found it really hard to get back on track after that week. I maintained for a bit, then decided to stop because I was 'cheating' all the time and I thought I would just eat normally.

Now had I eaten normally I think I would have been fine but I've been right back to my old habits of binging on chocolate/sugary stuff rather than real food so put back on 2 stones from March till now.

I tried a couple times to restart LL but failed, and then thought I'd give myself a few weeks and then try CD. I'm still not managing. I just can't stick to it at all.

I'm really wondering if I should be doing it the long hard way with healthy eating and exercise. The lure of quick weight loss offered by the VLCDs is tempting, but I just can't get back onto it - I've tried 5-6 times now.

What would you do in my position? I have lost weight on normal diets before so know I can do it. Its just the quickness that appeals to me - but there's no point if I can't do it!

Any ideas/advice? I really really need to lose some of this weight to be healthy again.

Lynne x
Do you think you could try doing the CD 790 or the CD1000 program? The weight loss following them is still very good and you have the choice of eating sensibly. If you can't do that then I guess it will be a good choice to start a healthy eating plan:)
Hi Piper
I think you've probably answered your own question there ... VLCDs DO give fast results - but only if you stick to them 100% but if you're not doing that then you're right: what's the point?
Have you tried one of the other CD plans? Sole sourcing doesn't suit everyone and you would still get a great steady loss with the 1000 plan. If that's not for you either then you'll need a whole new approach.

A healthy eating plan incorporating a weight loss element will give you an average loss of four to eight pounds a month (or more) - so when you think in terms of a year, that's a potential three to six stones! (and we all know how fast a year spins by!)

Have you considered joining a slimming class? I loved Rosemary Conley: the diet itself was easy, non-faddy and effective and the excercise class that went with it was fun and toned me up.
Alternatively, there are the 'big guns' ... Weight Watchers and slimming world. Not my cup of tea but work wonders for countless people.

There are so many paths and it's just a case of finding the one that suits you. But whatever you choose, you'll always get loads of support from Minimins. :)
I would recommend 790 buddy, don't try SS again if you have failed 5 or 6 times as you will start getting down in the dumps with it.

790 is still a very very effective weight loss and is still quick and takes away some of the emotional baggage that sole source can bring to the table.

What sorts of food do you get to eat on 790?

Lynne x
Hi Lynne,

It is similar to the 'Add-a-Meal' menu, except that only three Cambridge meals are taken, with the addition of a 6 Portion of poultry meat/fish/quorn/tofu/skimmed milk cottage cheese.

This can be accompanied by 3 tbsp 'white or green' vegetables Cooked or raw such as spring greens, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, courgettes or cucumber. An additional allowance of 1/2 pint of skimmed milk is also allowed.

The dieter should continue to drink at least 4 pints of water per day and as much unsweetened black tea or black coffee as wished. (page 25 CD diet book)

Love Mini xxx
Hi Lynne,just thought i would give you my thoughts, I started LL 4wks ago and stopped after 10 days just couldn't cope with not eating any food,and like you thought healthy eating etc would do the trick,that is fine if you are really disciplined and strong willed because its so easy to nibble this and that and think that wont do much harm(done it so many times!!!)Consequently after a bit of "nibbling"have decided to go to cd on the 790 plan which will be a lot easier for me than ssing as i still get to eat something and will help me get through the day Knowing i can still sit at the table with the family and have a meal,as going back to LL just the thought of a chicken salad made my mouth water!!also with the 790 i can still ss if and when i get more confident.(cant wait to start on monday!!)This is all a very personal battle for us all , so be brave and go with your heart and mind,Good luck with whatever you choose to do but remember.... Nothing will taste as good as being slim will feel!!! Love Sarah xxx