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Need advice re SS and contraceptive pill please

Hi everyone I really need some advice please

I have been 100% and am a bit peed off this morning and in a bit of a dilemma cos I started the pill on Wednesday so I could control when I came on cos otherwise I would be due on when Im on my hols in June and I DONT want that, but I havent lost any weight at all since starting it and I know Ive started my period, but when I was on last time it made no difference to my weight loss and I lost 2lbs in the same space of days.

So I dont know what to do now. Ive got 3 options

1) If Im on the pill I have a 28 day cycle and come on the week before the hols and risk reduced weight loss which will REALLY pee me off as Ive worked so hard! and I wont be where I want to be for the hols and there will then be a BIG risk of falling off the 100% wagon

2) stop taking it now and pray to god my cycle stays at 35 days due to ss and I come on the week after we go away - but there is potential of me coming on on hols

3) stop taking it now get another stone off and start it next cycle and then if Im due on on hols or just before take the 2 packs together - but I dont know then how bad PMT will be and I dont want to ruin the holiday -


Sorry to rant but I cant believe the effect it has had on my weightloss and Im 11 weeks into it now my head has been in the right place and Ive been looking forward to this holiday for 12 months and I dont want my stupid TOTM to ruin it all!

Am grateful for any advice or ideas of what I should do

hope you are all doing ok

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all is well with the world again! Tamgredan has come to my rescue and told me there is a pill you can take to delay your period so no more pill for me roll on the weight dropping off and just using it to delay it for my hols - she is a STAR!!!

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On day 7 today and on day 4 I got my period even tho I'm on the pill and in the middle of taking it. Very strange....does that mean I'll get a double flipping period!!!!! just what every woman wants!!

Is it normal that CD messes up your periods even tho you're taking the pill (and have been for years)? xxx


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Yip SS messes with your hormones! hormones are stored in fat cells so when you use up fat your body releases hormones. I had spotting for the whole of week 2 of SS in the run up to my TOTM.
(Im also on pill)

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