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need advice


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S: 12st6lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.3%)
hi all, i seem to be struggling at the moment, im not sure why as ive been doing great so far, i just cant seem to stop thinking about food at moment and i feel really tempted, really miss food, its been creeping up the last few days, has anyone else had this? is this normal, as most of you on here seem to be coping brilliantly and dont struggle. i thought thus diet is supposed to get easier, not harder, i find myself gettin really bored of having the same boring shakes, soups n bars :confused: xx
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Hey - we all get like you have dont worry - Some of us post about it and some of us dont. you have done the right thing posting about it!

Im really missing food have done since day 1 and have given in on a few occasions. Was nice while I ate it, but then would spend the whole week getting off the weight I had put on as a result of eating adn by the end of that week being really really peed off and regretting it! as a result Im 7lbs under my target of where I want to be now so it isnt worth it trust me! Im now 11 1/2 weeks ionto it and when I get the food craving I just keep trying to think well I will scupper it for another week and is it worth it - cos I want to get to healthy weight range for my hols and if I cheat now I wont - so the competitive side comes out in me.

If you are really craving food perhaps you could do SS+ adn then at least you get a small meal and that may help, it doesnt affect weight loss too much.

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I have had a blip, I haven't put weight on but I haven't lost much either. I had to reevaluate whether I wanted to do this or not...and the answer is yes I do so I am focused again. You are human be kind to yourself.


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I have been feeling the same as you this weekend, i cant wait for tuesday when im back in work as i find work easier to cope with. Ive read on here many times of people 'giving in' and eating then feeling guilty, i keep thinking to myself, that we made the decision to stop eating to try and learn about why we put on weight and of course to loose it faster than normal diets. I also feel, that as soon as i eat once and i still get a weight loss, it will be the start of falling off the wagon and you will cheat more and more.
You have done really well so far, lost over half of what you need to loose, keep going and be an inspiration to us all.
Go and have a bath and pamper youself!


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Its a wobble - like Jess aid some post some don't. I actually try to keep my wobbly bits off the board as much as possible as I feel selfish for banging on about them. its just I'm quite an internalised person at the best of times, I only post if I feel really bad and need to vent, but rest assured we all wobble. We're all weebls. Because weebls wobble but they don't fall down.

It will get easier, just try to focus on all the high points it will distract your from the lows, and look on the bright side, looking at your BMI you only have a another few weeks to go.

Whats a few weeks compared to spending the rest of your life slim. Hang in there



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Hey hon
Your doing great...... I dont think it would be normal if we didnt think about food sometimes as its part of our every day life.. Its a hard diet.. Try to vary things a little.. Have you had mix-a-mousse yet I only had it last week for the first time and I love it.. have it every night now and look forward to it so much..
I had a real funny day about 2 weeks ago it was raining had been out with the boys in the morning and was in all afternoon and it was the first time I felt I could go to the fridge and eat... I didnt but the thought was there and it was out of boredom..
Keep yourself busy and hang in there hon its so worth it..
take care and chin up x

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I'm feeling rubbish today too and feel bad airing my feelings as I'm normally so positive. Lexie is so right tho and I love that poem. My boyfriend is away this weekend and he's just sent me a lovely text. Think I just need a big hug. Feeling emotional but I am stiking with this diet no matter what x

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