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Need an oil can

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Morning flowers, hope you are all rising with smiles on the face today, its Friday so that ought to be good reason in its self, but the sun is shinning here in Nuneaton so a bonus. I am as stiff as a board today and need to get the old joints oiled up for action as I want to tackle kitchen cupboards today and get rid of those bits I haven't used since the day I bought them. Planning a bit of fun this afternoon and getting the pasta maker out for a run, so I wonder whats for tea then - plan A beautiful ravioli that Gino would envy. Plan B - a mess the dog would turn its nose up at. We will see darlings.

Who's doing what today then, I like being nosey lol.
I'm living dangerously this morning doing sons washing, have to put the contamination suit on just to enter bedroom let alone touch anything, what is it with lads!
Planning on doing a bit of gardening too if the weather holds and T time I am going to do nothing from there on in cos I want a bit of me time today. My new SW directory came yesturday so I need to get my head round that, if I can find my glasses.

What ever you are doing today, I hope you enjoy it and have a happy day, lets see lots of smiles today. xx
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Not working today:D

dd got her friend round for a bit, and ds had arranged to play football with some friends

Got lots of paperwork to update (even start some haha) for work, and a huge ironing pile:sigh:

oh and food shopping! the joys


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Start new job monday so off today, made black eyed bean patties for tea, bit dubious as i can only relate the texture to that of the time i had spiced some lamb for burgers, left it on the side to answer the phone and the dog had it, and promptly threw it straight back up. ended up using burger press so i didn't have to touch it (the pattie mix, not the spiced lamb sick!), about to do some washing, tidy the kitchen, then see iof i can get the enthusiasm to do wii fit today. Went to Aikido last night for first time in 6 years, and I HURT.


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wish i'd read this earlier. I'm packing (and haven't managed to palm the kids off) which is taking ages, and i was hoping to clear up as well but that seems to have gone out of the window. On the plus side i have booked my seats sorted my spending money and put a load of washing on!
Well, I've been busy this morning making the ham and mushroom muffins this morning, now am off in the shower then to the shops!!But home quickly becuase i have to get ready for work tonight!The weekend is mine though!!! Have a good one xxx
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Being a bum!
My day started with a driving lesson 11-1, came home to find my pregger sister, who i can only assume is carrying the spawn of the devil :eek: .. and now im on here.. and watching day time telly as usual and looking for jobs... oo the excitment of un-employed life!


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Hey guys I'm at work doing a lot.....Drinking diet coke and surfing minimins!!!! Naughty I know!


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Hello Charlotte and all,

I have just finished some ironing that I wanted to get out of the way for the weekend, and now I am having a nice cup of coffee and catching up with the threads.

I tackled my kitchen cupboards a couple of weeks ago but I have one more to sort out and it's like a black hole in there, goodness knows what I shall find - mainly saucepans, and frying pans that should have been thrown out ages ago - but I probably kept them thinking "they could be useful still" - I am such a hoarder.....


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Afternoon girls! Finished work at lunchtime (late!) as I had some time to claim back. Beautiful morning and by the time I got home the sun had gone in, typical! Had baked potato with cottage cheese, a huge salad and a peach, and after a decent interval did a 20 minute cardio workout on Sports Active (Wii) So halo polished and shining!!!!!!:D
Then decided to come on here and catch up with all my buddies! :rolleyes:

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