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need cheering up pls.

guys i feel so down today could cry. dont know whats wrong with me!?

not sure if it the awful weather, that hubby and daughter r still ill or what. just cant get out of my bad mood and feel proper depressed. dont like it!

need to go to the gym and work off my mood/anger but cant as need to look after the ill. hubby more than daughter. he's calling me every 5 mins for something else. doing my head in 2.

anyway sorry for moaning, just really needed to get it out.

x x
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*hugs and cuddles* So sorry to read that you're feeling down sweetie. That's not like you. You're always so positive and upbeat, so things must be bad.

We all have days were we're not 'ourselves' Just go with the flow and keep thinking how bloody gorgeous you are. Go put on your new dresses and stand in front of the mirror, that will sure cheer you up! Think of all that weight you've lost and how in a few days you'll be entering a new chapter in your life. The fit healthy, gorgeous you!

I know what you mean about the gym. I feel like sh*t sometimes when I can't get. It gives me such a buzz. Will your lovely Mother-In-Law not come round for an hour or 2 so that you can release some of the energy?

Chin up babes.



Recovering Cookie Addict
Aww Jenny *hugs* sorry to hear you are having a blah day today, sounds to me like you need some *me* time. I agree with Betsy, any way you can have someone come round for a couple of hours so you can just go do your own thing and chillax a while? I think also you are still getting over your own illness too and that always has a tendency to bring our moods down.

Don't be hard on yourself, it's no wonder you're feeling a bit low today. Go have a nice relaxing bubble bath and pamper yourself a bit, maybe watch a movie or read a book, and, as Betsy suggests, think of how fantastically well you've done on LT, how great you look and go try on those dresses, take pictures too so we can see!! lol

Look after yourself hon, we're all thinking about you :)


Otherwise known as Jools
Awww Jen that not good. As said above we all have down days, you wouldn't be human if you didn't. The extra pressures and worries of hubbie and daughter being ill are not good specially when you have only just recovered yourself - you are probably still not quite 100% after that.

You've gotta find some "you" time - even if you escape to the loo with a magazine for half an hour :D.

I am sure that this feeling will pass soon and you will be your normal spritely self.

I had a day a bit like that yesterday - felt very alone, tired, fed up and just couldn't be bothered and seemed only to be running on automatic. Maybe it was part of the comedown from being high from such a good loss on Monday. It does not take much to tip us over the edge into these feelings.
Ah hun id say its just coz of the rotten weather and not having any 'you' time like the girls said. It will pass and just tink you only have a few days til refeed so concentrate on that you are so close now try concentrate on the good positive stuff. The family stuff will pass, it is a nightmare wen someone keeps calling you every few mins id say your patience is just running thin. Even say to the hubby i need a half an hour on my own even if only to have a bubble bath it mite help. He ain't gonna die being left to fend for himself for half an hour. feel better hun we always have days like this lucky the day ends. :) xxxxx


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:hug99: Duno what to say jenny - although we all have down days and im sure yours will pass soon. Bet you feel a little better already for writing down how you feel :) Keep your chin up mrs :) x
thanks for the replies.

still feel strange but not as bad as earlier thank god.

got the kids to bed at 6.30 and not heard from hubby for the last few hours so he must be asleep 2. really needed some time to chill.

gona have a bath in a little while and get into bed.
so glad the day is over.. sure 2moro will be better.

u guys are great, thx.

x x
Glad your feeling a bit better tonight Jenny. I've been exactly the same today think it's the weather and in your case everyone being ill, have you got cabin fever hun?? Just wanted to say cheer up huni cos you always write such lovely posts...hope tomorrow is better xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sorry to hear you have had a tough day. Hope you have had a nice relaxing bath and are now curled up in bed. Tomorrow is another day.
thank girls.

just thought id let u all know that im back to my old self 2day. feeling good. my daughter is alot better 2. looking forward to eating on monday. yummy.
cant believe its only a few days away, its come round so quickly.

thank u for all the nice messages.

hope every1 has a good day

x x
thank girls.

just thought id let u all know that im back to my old self 2day. feeling good. my daughter is alot better 2. looking forward to eating on monday. yummy.
cant believe its only a few days away, its come round so quickly.

thank u for all the nice messages.

hope every1 has a good day

x x

Jenny Im delighted your feeling better. oh Monday is SO close cant wait to hear about how everything tastes. R u nervous at all??? Im kinda terrified but also excited.
Hi Jen
Glad you're ok today. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with food on Monday too. Promise you'll keep posting.

Keep smiling luvva
anne-maria, not nervous just soooo excited about having some food.lol. never thought id say that. im a little worried that i might gain when i start eating but sure it will be fine. have u done ur menu yet hun?

thanks jon, i promise i'm still gona be posting. couldnt live without u guys. strange as ive never met any of u but almost feels like we're all 1 big group of friends. how much longer before ur refeeding? ur looking good now hun.
x x
I think it'll be end of January or early Feb. I want another 3 and a half stones off yet (so I have a "healthy" BMI). Then I'm going to start the 12 week re-feeding course that my pharmacy run. In a way I'm dreading it - I feel so safe on LT. Oh well - looking forward to hearing about your re-feeding.


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