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Hi guys, need your help. I've had a bad week with a wedding on Fri where my flexible syns went up to 50 odd and can't stop thinking I wanna jack it all in as I am desperate to go for a slap up meal and not worry. My weigh in is tonight and I am scared that a sustain or, heaven help me, a gain will make me despondant to the point of giving up.

HELP, what do other people have as their mantra in these situations to help you stay on track?

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monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
have you got any goals you are aiming for or any pictures you want to or dont want to look like again? have you got any clothes you want to get back into? or any nasty comments you have got from others and you want to show them you can look and feel fab just to rub their noses in it?

the thing about SW is thats its a way of life, a lifestyle change, you can go for a slap up meal on either day and still feel full and fab. you can havea giant mixed grill for example.

dont give up, we all get down hearted at times but you must be doing it for a reson in the first place. why did you start? focus on were you wanna be and what you wanna feel and look like.

good luck, we are all here for you

Hi Anna Please Dont Give Up You Are Doing This For You And Always Remeber That.. Once You Get Your Head Around The Plan You Will Realise How Easy It Is To Go Out And Socialise And Work Your Eating Plan Around Your Lifestyle.......my Advice To You Would Be To Go To Wi Tonight And Whatever The Outcome On The Scales Is Go Out Afterwards For A Slap Up Meal And Have Whatever You Want To Satisfy That Need Then Tomorrow Start Completely A Fresh Start As If You Had Never Done This Plan Before And Read Through Your Books Etc Fully Also Read All The Threads In This Forum For Ideas And Inspiration....................please Dont Give Up If Losing Weight Is What You Want Please Believe In Yourself You Can Do It :) Xxxx Debie Xxxx
Hey hun, listen i have had a shi*te month! i have been so focused all year until May!
Best thing for you to do is draw a line over it and start again.

*Read your SW book
*Write everything down
*Read a SW magazine
*Visit us everyday and write a diary
*Join our excercise challenge
*Drink lots of water

Do all the above and you should get back on track ASAP.

We all go through bad patches......dont get disheartened

ONWARDS AND DOWNWARDS!! :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:

Good luck

Ruthy xxx


SW Angels founder member
I agree with everything the other guys have said.

Don't get disheartened if you haven't lost or stayed the same. I would deffo have a day off and go for your meal and then work your but off all week.

We are all in this together you can do it....Just please don't give up!
Hi Charm, hope your feeling better. The thing to remember is when you feel down you need to pick yourself back up again and get back into the swing of things. SW is a lifestyle change and if your serious about this you need to accept that we fall down but sucess is in the getting back up again. your doing great and your half way there!!!


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Go out for the slap up after WI then draw a line under it and start the week afresh tomorrow. They key to success is to make it fit in with your lifestyle and if that means taking a day off once in a while then do it
Hope you are feeling better hun.

Ruthy xxx
1/2 a ib on!!!! I guess it could be worse. Gonna really try limiting my syns this week. Am pleased with myself I didn't get despondant and give up. Kind of made me more determined to keep going and have a good week! x
Hey hun 1/2 on isnt much to put on at all!

Stick at it girlfriend!

Ruthy xxx

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