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Need help and advice

Hi, I'm have been doing extra easy since I started on 1st of sept. I have been battling with water retention, bloating and period weight gains.

But the past few weeks I have been working out and I have noticed a difference in my inches around my waist and hips, but because I'm looking at myself in the mirror in amazement some days of how much body fat is coming off (doing hip hop abs) that I have noticed my mid section keeps going up and down. I notice Im bloated alot, so no matter how much I work out, on the morning i can see the different but when it comes to 2pm I feel and hear it sloushing around in my tummy and you can see my tummy through top. Now I think its me been on extra easy, because im having potatoes every day to help bulk up my meals and pasta, dr pepper zero alot and it has gotten to me now. I was looking to do red days to see if it will work. Has anyone had this problem? because i'm pig sick now. my mood is going up and down cos one day I have lost inches and then the next day im so big im back up to when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and I'm slowly losing faith.

Thanks :eek:)
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it may be the dr pepper as fizzy pop makes me really bloated how much a day are you drinking ?


Slowly but surely!
Aw hun sorry your having problems, Im a bloater too and always look alot slimmer in the morning, I think I have just got used to being a size bigger for a week a month when it comes to *week! I have found by cutting out bread it has helped me but still eat plenty of potatoes and pasta. Dont give up just try and find what is best for helping you, with the weight coming off we are bound to shrink eventually lol Good luck with whatever you decide to do x
Thanks natasha and mummyEm. I have dr pepper zero as my sort of treat, It helps my hunger down and cravings and I feel likes its a treat for me so lately I have been buying alot. I think i need to stop that for a week and see if it makes any difference.
im just as bad have had so much diet coke the last couple of weeks to fill me up as the cold weathers been making me so hungry i looked down at my belly this morning and it looks bigger than ever and ive lost 27 lbs so today its water and sugar free squash and gonna take some to work to stop me buying a bottle of diet coke in fact im not gonna take any money with me lol
lol, Thats true to me, I have bought more lately since of the snow too. Bought two in asda and then within 48 hours I was there buying more. I have to be careful with buying food, before I started this I was spending £100 per month for me and my daughter since doing SW I have been spending £200 per month just for food havent added in the meeting costs. so the dr pepper zero has been helping me between snacks and meal times
i spend around £100 a week but there are 5 of us then i buy stuff when im working aswell as work in a convienience store and get discount lol and my hubby always buys his lunch at work got to cut down after xmas as have to finish paying for our holiday next year
How are your losses? You say you are losing inches which is fantastic but are you still losing weight even though you feel bloated?
I would say that if you need the Dr Pepper Zero between meals and snacks to keep the hunger down, then you should really eat more at meals. The key to SW is not to get hungry.
I have potatoes or pasta or rice most days, the way I see it is that it is part of a balanced diet and we should have some carbohydrates.
Why not try to have a red day B choice sized portion of potatoes with your EE meal?
Red days would work fine too but EE should work for you - although some people do find they bloat with carbohydrates, I wouldn't recommend cutting them out, just cut them down a bit if you feel it will help.

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