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need help, fell of wagon!!! help please

help me, its totm and im having awful time of it, had operation in dec and had fallopian tube removed and pain is managable and im back at work, its fifth week on ww and im doing so bad. i have not tracked, i have nibbled , i have not exercised... help me someone, im doing challenge with bf and ever since he lost the first target of 6lb before me i have gone off rails!!!
i also have awful cold and feel poo. im dairy free and lactose so cant have most cold and flu medication.
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I`m feeling the same way, had a bad couple of days after doing so well at my last weigh in.
I totally lost the plot and just ate a load of c**p, even biscuits which I don`t like.
You just gotta stick with it and start again tomorrow.

Its easier for blokes (or so i`m told) so don`t be disheartened it`ll come off.
x x


Losing the baby fat
maybe forget the challenge with your boyfriend, it just adds more stress if youre like me.
start tracking and getting back into your plan, only you can do it - let your boyfriend just get on with his own losses, you'll catch up and may even overtake him, slowly slowly catchy monkey!
maybe for your cold can you not have beechams lemon or something?
I agree that it's maybe not a good idea to compete with your fella. Men do tend to lose more than woman (annoyingly, haha) so it's really unfair competition. Just take it one day at a time and do as well as you can..ease yourself into it day by day if you need do.

As for your cold, best thing I can suggest is the sofa, your quilt, the tv remote and lots of tlc from your fella!! Or if you can sleep, then bed :)

Hope you're feeling better soon x


Is a woman on a mission.
Awww Debt Dummy :hug99:

I know exactly how you are feeling hon. I have been doing fabulousy well for three weeks, eating well, losing well every week and exercising well...until yesterday.
I won't list what I ate but I ended up munching around 3000 calories and I don't know why other than I felt ropey.
So today I am back in action, digging deep and eating well.
Don't despair and turn a bad day into a bad week.
Get guzzling your water...good for weight loss and heavy colds and eat plenty of vitamin C enriched fruits as snacks.
You'll get back on track...just stay focused and keep your chin up.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Love Boo X
thanks everyone im doing tracking again today cant stand feeling so *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so glad ur all here to help


Staff member
thanks everyone im doing tracking again today cant stand feeling so *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so glad ur all here to help

Your boyfriend will lose faster than you, men do, so try not to compare your losses...

Good to see you back on track:)
we have a chart on wall and first on to the mini goals gets them, he lost 6lb first so i got to pay for cinema at weekend, the next on is alton towers water park, who ever gets there first doesnt pay,,,,
i need to lose 7lbs to get there, he needs to lose 5lb, BUT he is goin into hospital to have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out and so cant eat properly... im so going to lose....
Having a competition with your bf is a great idea so long as youre not setting yourselves the same targets. Men generally lose weight faster than women, so if hes aiming to lost 7lbs you should maybe look at 4 or 5 at the most. You wont be able to compete on a level footing and the last thing you want is to see losing 6lbs as a failure because hes lost 8lbs for example.

Youre doing great :)
we are aiming to lose the same amount overall. he is a stone heavier exactly than me at the moment....
Forget the challenge hun. As everyone is telling you Maen lose faster than women and you don't want to be disheartened ... although a bit of healthy competition won't hurt!

went to go to swimming today but cold made it impossible to swim without panicking i may drown
weekend is going well, did massive walk today and went to a bday party and only ate small slice of cake,
havent eaten anything naughty.
got weigh in , tomorrow and swimming lesson, mattie on the otherhand is doing really bad!!! ha ha ha ha
he ate chocolate raisins and beer and steak and kidney pie!!! naughty boy

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