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need help getting back on track please.


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i haven't logged on here for just over a week because during that time ive been really bad and eating terribly like buttery (real butter) toast, crisps, chocolate and takeaways i haven't followed the plan at all but half way though a huge bar of chocolate tonight i suddenly realised that i wasnt even tasting the chocolate but just shoving it into my mouth and i felt sick because i wasnt even hungry but just eating it for the sake of it so ive came on here and updated my diary and for you all to give you a kick up the bum and help me shake this off as even as im typing this im thinking that i could have some toast or something Arggggghhhhh!!!! im NOT hungry, i feel sick after eating the chocolate but still im craving more food!!!!

ive put on 5lb in the last week which is 5lb in the wrong direction especailly in the run up to christmas!!
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remember why you are doing this write down a list now and stick it to your fridge
your holiday in June
to feel better about yourself
to feel healthier

draw a line under it and get back on plan get yourself a syn free drink and write a plan for the rest of the week you havnt got this far to throw it all away :)


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks natasha thats exactly what i need to do im going to start all over again in the morning and just treat this like a major blow out never (hopefully)) to be repeated to that extent! im going to go to my bed shortly but will plan out my week in the morning but before i go to bed ill put a note on my fridge so that i dont forget ive started in the morning lol.

thanks for your support xx
I made a weekly menu template and I fill that in and put it on the fridge :) It worked really well for the first 2 weeks but this week my system has gone to pot with the weather and I think I've managed to completely ignore the menu despite the fact that it's in my face every time I go in the kitchen! Next week WILL be better and I've already planned most of it out - just need to print it off now ;)
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Natasha is right, the only thing that really keeps me motivated to not eat chocolate (I am a REAL chocaholic!:17729:) is to remember why I even started going to SW and that guilts me enough to stop indulging (most of the time!)

However, if that's not enough:

I also find it helps to find a picture of yourself that you really dislike/can't stand :yuk: and put it wherever all the naughty foods are in your house or on the fridge (you could always find multiple photos to put in multiple places!) - this acts as a great reminder of why you shouldn't pick up that bar of chocolate!!:busted:

Everyone has weak moments and that doesn't matter - it's how quickly you manage to turn them around and get back on track that is important and I'm sure you'll be fine with that.;)

Try and have a low syn day today (where possible) and that will help you feel much better by tomorrow. :)

You can do it! :D
Jane - believe it or not you are half-way to being back on track. You have been honest with yourself and know exactly how much you now weigh. If it were me I would treat this as a new start rather than continuing the same diet. If you are anything like me and carry on treating this as the same diet you will be frustrated until you get back to where you were, and then you will be peeved because of where you could have been if you hadn't come off plan. I bet most of this weight is water weight, if you treat this as week one you will have a good weight loss and will have the satisfaction of seeing this without having to worry about where you might have been. Whatever you decide do well, we are all thinking of you xxx.
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Well done for coming on here and be honest, that has taken a lot! Stay strong xxx

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