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Need Help Please

I'm on day 9 of cd and I'm SOO tired - I dont know whats gone wrong - I had so much energy earlier in the week and am really struggling with my water - I've done under half a litre today and really can't face anymore plain water, I have some orange water flavouring in but it's vile. I'm really tempted to add some low calorie squash to litre of water because I know that I'll drink but I'm scared that it will knock me out of ketosis. Will it definately knock me out? I'm so desperate - fell like rubbish for the first time since starting this diet

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its fairly likely that it will - a CDC will be along soon to clarify, have you tried herbal teas (peppermint is nice hot or cold) or coffee - think they count too.

I make my shakes go a lot further wth extra water and ice- thus killing two birds with one stone - I get fuller and I get my water - and it tastes palatable!

Hope you get sorted xx
Thanks Dogtanion

I don't like tea or coffee, I use to be a full fat coke fiend so I've done so well so far but am just ready to give up tonight - my dream cheats have changed from dreaming about food to dreaming about drinking squash - last night I had an entire pint of ice cold ribena in one go. I know my mateuse to have the odd glass of squash and it never brough her out so I've just got juice envy, lol. If it was going to bring me out of ketosis - how soon after would it happen - straight away? after a few hours? or the next day?

not sure, but some people are more susceptible than others, the chewy bars affect some people! Unfortunately water is basically it. Are there other flavours of water flavouring??? I know there is veg (YUK) and possibly a berry one??? They might be better
Hi Stokegal,

I drink coke zero, perfectly clear and sainsburys own flavoured water - all contain malic acid instead of citric acid and don't affect you on CD. Some folk on here will probably blast me out for telling you that but my CDC lost 15 stone and drank them so that's good enough for me! Good luck!
Thanks - can I just ask, why is citric acid so bad?? Is Malic Acid the same? I don't know what will throw me out of ketosis as I have been so strict with myself. I found it really easy to get into ketosis, I started my diet on Wednesday and by Thursday evening I was in the pink. I hadn't cut down on carbs before starting either - if anything I went on a carb binge.


Slimming down the aisle
Basically, citric acid can knock you out of ketosis, so you won't have that blanket of not feeling hungry.

The thing about zero calorie drinks is that, for some, possibly most, it makes you hungry, because it's that sweet thing. So it depends really on you and whether you want to risk it.
hmmm thanks for all your replys - I have a feeling something is wrong with me today as I have been super hungry - I have been bad of the past 2 days and not had my full 3 packs (on SS) so I dont know if that has knocked me out of ketosis - I will go and check in a min and if I am still I'll keep that as a reason not to have any squash

(Even though I really really want it... *Stamps Foot* :D)
Still pink - although very dark pink, probably due to dehydration... Have just check the scales again (naughty I know but I need a boost!!) and have lost a pound since WI yesterday. There is no way I am going to jeopadise that just for a glass of squash now :D
Promise I will do going forward

*shys off to sit on the naughty step*

Has anyone else noticed a change in their appitite? (tried spelling it 4 times now - am officially blonde!!) The first 2 days I use to eat all my soup and drink my shakes all up - down to the last drop, think I even licked the bowl at one point and now.. I get full after half and have to force myself to eat the other half