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Need help urgent - am at breaking point


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Hi all, I'll try and be breif (and honest). Set myself an inital 5wk goal on ss before hols in the view to start ss 100% again on my return. 4wks 100% completed with great results.
However, this week and not sure why I've been really struggling. Mothers day and b'day this week with no food has really depressed me. Went babysitting for a friend and forgot my shake, so had a piece of ham and small piece cheese. Put it behind me and re-started again. But yesturday I finished my kids tuna mayo sandwhich, I think from self loathing (sure some of you will recognise what I'm talking about).
100% the rest of the time but have tested all day and am not in ketosis. With 3 days left of my 5wk plan and potentially 3 days to get to ketosis, should I even bother.
Am really pleased with my loses so far but can't see anymore before hols. Shall I just start healthy eating in prep for hols and try and stay the same or complete my last 3 days with fingers crossed???
Anyone thats been there or has experience of this please help.
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get back on it 100% otherwise you'll hate yourself even more. It's all about getting control of the eating and you have to trust that you can do that otherwise when you go on holiday whats stopping you from pigging out? Go on, prove to yourself that you can do it!! xx
Forget about the ketosis, if you eat less calories than you burn you'll lose weight.

If you stick to CD 100% until your holiday that's three days worth of weight loss as opposed to a holiday plus three days of potential weight gain. It's only three days - if you set yourself a goal of doing 100% until you go on holiday and achieve it you'll be proud of yourself and (I think) therefore more likely to make healthy choices whilst away, than if you've given up on CD until you come home.

It's only three days of being 100% - you know you can do it and so do we! :D


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Thanks all. I have decided to move up to ss+ plan for the last few days. I'm going to take som shakes with me and were ever possible, stick to this. Had meat and veg last night and have woken up with a clearer head. Not sure why I got so wobbly have not struggled so bad before. Thankyou all for taking the time though, everyone on here really does help.

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