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Need some advice

I track my points on line as well as going to meetings and accroding to my meeting chart ive lost 11.5 pounds, but online ive lost a stone!
To makesure i wasnt going batty I even reset my weight and did the dates again and entered the losses and its still come up a stone, whats going on - i dint want to say to my leader that it looks likes hes cocked up somewhere - cos i think she has somehow, i mean shes even got some of the dates wrong, i mena for 2 weeks on the trot it was the 16/6/08 :- help! Im quite confused!
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nearly there!! :)
the easist thing to do is wait untill u go to get weighed say it to her, and check ur now weight to what is wrote down...after that it should be easy to tell which is right!!
I started off at 18.2, and weighed in last night at 17.2 - thats a stone gone surely, how did she come to the conclusion that im 11.5 pounds???
Thanks starlight - exactly what i thought i mean shes very busy and i understand that with the amount of members she has. I just dont want to word it wrong and embarrass her!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Id definatly question it! i had this about 3 weeks ago :( mine said i needed half a pound to get to my stone when in actual fact i needed 2.5lb and i was gutted! ... leader checked it out and yep they had made a boob in adding up! ..

Definatly get it checked and corrected! xx
As you say she has lots and lots of people to add up so it would be easy to make a mistake. I bet you have 2 pounds one week and they have added it on rather than taken it off.

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