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Need some help, advice, a kick up the harris....


Otherwise known as Jools
S: 22st5lb C: 19st4lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 47.8 Loss: 3st1lb(13.74%)
Hi All.

I am getting quite desperate now. In July 2009 I started on Lipotrim (a VLCD) at 21 stone and managed to get down to 15st 10 before stopping for Christmas - something that I deeply deeply deeply regret. I should have carried on over Christmas and I would have been at goal a long time ago and not in the dire state that I am in now.

Since January 2010 I have been trying to lose weight again and not succeeding in anything I try. I have tried WW but only succeeded in putting on weight. I have a box of Exante, another VLCD indoors but just am not motivated to do such an extreme diet.

I am a bit of comfort/emotional eater and have had lots of stress this year - Dad is seriously, Job is at risk, Depression etc amongst other things and so I have eaten virtually non stop. I stood on the scales a few days ago and am back up to around 19st 2 or so.

I cannot stop myself from eating and it can be anything at all but mostly chocolate. I dont do much exercise (due to the Depression I just cannot be bothered). As I write I am thinking of eating a massive bar of chocolate. It will make me feel good for about 30 seconds and then I will feel soooo guilty and upset that I have done it. But I know that I will still go and buy the chocolate despite knowing that I shall feel so bad afterwards. I spend most days like this currently.

I have lost all my motivation, inspiration and desire to lose weight. Yet at the same time I miss being that much lighter and wish I was back where I was this time last year.

I know what I should be doing and how to do it but just cannot seem to do it.


Anything you guys can offer me in words of comfort, support etc would be simply amazing. I know how this site is brilliant at that. Thank you (moan over).
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You've done it once, you can do it again and just think how great your feel this time next year when your at your goal weight!

If I ever feel like im caving in, I write down how i feel about my weight and my life now and when I was heavier, then write down how i will feel and what i'll be able to do in 6 months time when Ive lost most if not all my weight.
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The most hardest things in life are those which reward us the most.

You need to remember that to allow you to achieve the desired weight loss. <3
If you don't want to do an extreme VLCD then I personally think you should at least replace your food with "healthier options".

Do Some Research, make your choices and stick to it..You can even keep the chocolate! I.e. A Yorkie bar = 300 kcals :O But then.. a double kitkat bar is 110. Nearly 3 times less. A digestive has 86 cals, but a Jaffa cake has 48.. See how this is going? WeightLossForAll.com gives a great calorie content allowing you to make a better choice.

A secret which I had, it helped me when I was younger was WRITING everything I ate in a small jotter pad which I kept in my purse. If I ate it, i would write including portions and sizes.

Ie 09 November 2010 - Fish and Chips [Large portain + another half portion]
It makes you more conscious of what your putting in your mouth
Make another column of what you didn't eat! It makes you feel good and proud of yourself.

When you feel ready, then you will take your next step [mine was the VLCD] as I lessened my high calories food intake that way.

A feel good tip:
All the money you save on food put it into a tin for a specific cause [no chocolate? yorkie bar was intended? 46p into my size 12 leather jacket tin :yay:]
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I write down everything I eat too. I stop doing it every now and again and even though I think I'm sticking to my diet I put weight on. The only way for me to lose weight is to weigh or measure everything and write it down before I eat it.



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I know how desperate and unhappy I was about being very overweight and the overwhelming feeling of being helpless to do anything about it. It just seems like an impossible task when you have a lot of weight to lose.

You have to make the mental adjustment before you can really commit to a long term weight loss and succeed.

I think writing a journal or diary is a very good idea. A private one will allow you to be absolutely honest about how you are feeling and coping, and a public one here for instance where you can get support when it gets tough.

You should make a list of things you like doing, that you can turn your mind to when you get the overwhelming urge to eat something you shouldnt. Also, have you considered something like hynotherapy to help change your mental attitude to eating? I know it can be expensive but it might be what you need.

You have some vlcd packs, you dont need to do an all or nothing vlcd diet, but you could replace one meal a day with one of them. I have one most days for breakfast as its quick and easy and fills me up, and i dont have to think about food in the morning. I couldnt do a 100% vlcd but i find the packs can be very useful, and at least you will get some good nutrition with them.

Also, it sounds like you could be depressed. It might be worth going to your doctor and talking this over. If depression is a problem then its going to be doubly difficult to get to grips with eating healthily.

I feel for you, i really do. Its so hard to beat a weight problem, but the rewards are so wonderful when you do.

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