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need some help

evening ladies. I need your help, words of encouragement, advice etc etc

I have had my four packs today and feel pretty much shakey with what i can only describe as hunger pangs. I feel empty and just really so low on energy. I cant sleep, and the shaking is keeping me awake. I went downstairs and I had some chocolate. I knwo i shouldnt have, but i'm not going to beat myself up about it, but it hasnt changed how I feel inside. Just really weak. I've been on this for 14 weeks, and in two weeks will move to lite. I've been picking at least once a week for the last three weeks and dont know if i should call my LLC in the morning and ask to bring it forward.

Since starting LL my blood pressure has dropped and last measured about a month ago was at 92/53, I've not had a period and tonight is just freaking me out as I feel like I could keel over at any moment....my mind is racing too...

I expect in the morning I'll be fine, and just feel regret for having eaten the chocolate, but i dont know what to do. In the whole 14 weeks i have been doing this i've never once been tempted to eat a meal, but right now I feel like I could.

Any words of wisdom, maybe you have been in a similar situation where you just feel consumped by a need to eat? I'm going to try and get to sleep now, but thanks for listening to me whinge

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I can only offer words of support but not medical advice.

Do speak to your LLC and also get your GP to check you over, and run some routine blood tests for your peace of mind.

Progressing to Lite early may help. Some of us have had to switch on medical advice.

Your BP seems low which may explain your symptoms. Some of them seem anxiety related so do try to relax and rest even if you don't sleep.

Are you drinking enough water??

Hope you feel better and bounce back soon. xx


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Aw that's awful, is it worth considering lite now? It seemed to deal with my issues as much as I moaned about doing it.

If you do feel the need to eat, chocolate isn't the answer that only offers a five minute fix. A decent meal of veg and protein would be better for you and less impact to your weightloss.

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Thanks ladies. Am going to see the doc this morning as I am worried about the shakes and dizziness. My dad ended up in hospital earlier this year with low bp so better to be safe.
So hear you there miss t choc isn't the way forward and I wouldn't have done but there was either that or pasta or a fish cake in the house and as it was 11.30pm I just grabbed it and legged it out the kitchen. I known its my downfall but I'm not a massive choc eater in the "real world", it's def my trigger but am usually fine saying no I just think it's the lack of other food that is making me go for it and that it's easy to grab. Am def working on it though. Had a nightmare last night that it all piled back on too so really going to focus on stopping the choc picking.

Thanks for replying so fast ladies it means a lot ESP in a time of panic xxxx


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Aw sorry didn't mean to do the parent child thing and sound like I was telling you off! I think I just want you all to succeed on LL, very strange thought process I have I know because actually it's not really my business! I identified this week during the class that this is a frustration of mine not following things to the letter or process arghhhhhh need to work on that! You defo did the right thing to eat something though, omg I feel cleansed making that statement as it wouldn't normally come out of my mouth!

Good luck at docs, prepare yourself that the doc might take you off the plan or ask you to do lite just like my doc! Also check in with your LLC she could check with the medical team! Thinking of you Hun xxx

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Lol! I didn't think that at all but I am someone who def needs guidance at times too so your advice if fully welcome and much needed.

On my way to docs now, not so fussed about going to lite early - I'll be disappointed but my dad ended up in icu earlier this year after collapsing from low bp. My mum has high bp so figured mine would even out somewhere between so just want to make sure the bp is fine. Am keeping positive as I hate doctors!!

So know what you mean about getting annoyed when u don't follow something to the letter. I have always been harsh on myself too when I don't but just read a great cbt book to help rationalise my thoughts

Speak soon cp xxxx
Ok so doctor didn't look too impressed. Basically it's what I thought my blood pressure is too low. She also thinks I might have anaemia as well. So she said don't stop just move to lite sooner. The loss might be slower but your body is telling you it's had enough now and it's starving.

So lite it is! Am going to have a small lunch today and continue with total til Monday then move to lite I think. Feeling a bit bummed but need to stay healthy too xxx


Tough But Sexy X
Phew kinda relieved for you hun!

What CBT book did you just read, I am fascinated by it xx

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Ill find it on amazon for you, as it was a great read.

How did u find the transition to lite, feeling a bit scared but also super relived. Am finally in the land of food and dust - which I think is going to be way harder than dust alone! any recommendations?? xx


Tough But Sexy X
Thanks hun.

Advice from me is plan your meals as it is easy to get caught out thinking you can now eat, so for example went out for dinner last night as I am in Scotland with work and found it a challenge to find something suitable on the menu. Vary your food and also you might find eating your meal for dinner can sometimes lie heavy on your stomach because protein amounts are actually quite large. I often go for lunch rather than dinner! Going to the toilet went from bad to worse, very difficult to go so have some dulco or whatever suits you! D

The biggest advice would be around don't be fooled into thinking now you can eat that you can be slack with quantities weigh things out and defo consider the cookbook from LL as it offers great variety in foods. Good luck hun, I'm always on here if you need to chat through anything, but I am far from an expert, but its good to have someone else going through the same thoughts feelings and emotions. I did begin to obsess about food, so don't expect it to be plain sailing set realistic timescales hun. Xxxx

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Hi CP - just catching up with all the posts Ive missed on here. Glad you went to the doctors and sorted things out. Much better for you to be safe than sorry and that was obviously a big message your body was sending out lol.

Could you let me know the name of the book that you were impressed with please? :)
Thanks so much for that miss t! Have stayed on plan so far today as there is nothing I want at the canteen so will go to the shop after work. I don't have any of the books or anything yet as I expected to still be on total the next fortnight. Will prob grab some spinach and 100g chicken or something like that?

The book was change your life with CBT by corinne sweet. It cost me £10 in WH smith but is £6 on amazon xxxx


Tough But Sexy X
Thanks Hun for the book title!

I am in Scotland at the minute waiting for a flight but off the top of my head I think it's 150-200g of chicken I generally eat salad or vegetables with mine, not sure about spinach sorry!

Ask your LLC to e mail what you can have to you as you can have a dairy allowance and oils per day on top of protein and veg! The last thing you want is to get off on the wrong foot and struggle to lose weight on lite if that makes sense, give yourself a good chance to succeed on it.

Also I found the first few weeks my body was adjusting so you may not get a good loss if at all!

If you can't get anything off your LLC let me know and I can probably send something through later when I get home xx

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Thanks hun. Going to head to waitrose and get some meat/fish and salads. Have contacted my LLC and I will pop in on Saturday I think to get the books and stuff. Had some strawberries this afternoon and were so sweet! Def not loving it so low carb health should be good and I don't want starchy stuff so am feeling good about this. Not had a meal yet as I am waiting until dinner but have had some plain almonds which have boosted my energy no end. Looking forward to getting into my new routine and the guys at work are excited to take me out for lunch finally tomorrow! Xxx

Will def keep in touch miss t! xx


Tough But Sexy X
I didnt think we could have fruit on Lite? OMG I will be gutted if we can as I have realllllllly wanted some lately xx


Tough But Sexy X
Phew, thanks Hannah I was totally ready to go and get some. I actually love fruit as much as Choc lol xxx


Tough But Sexy X
Aw I know chick thanks, hope you are ok, noticed you had uped your meals, hows that going? xx
Sorry lady t!! I literally just ate for energy today as still feeling dizzy! I did go out and buy prawns, White fish, broccoli, spinach, advocado and garlic for my actual LLL meals. Are any of these allowed as I still don't have a full list from my LLC. Xxx

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