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Need some help

I need some help and advice to keep me on the straight and narrow. A bit of background me and my bf have been together 19 months but he lives in Wales I live in Wakefield, so only see him about once a month, I'm not seeing him again now until mid October. Normally when he goes home I go on a bit of a downer and eat everything in sight, I can feel myself going on a downer again where all I want to do is eat and cry. I don't like bothering my friends as they all have there own problems and I'm scared incase they think I'm being dramatic or ott. So was wondering if anyone on here can give me some ways to stop me going off track. Thanks in advance x

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Ahh sorry that you're feeling fed up hon. Don't let this impact your journey though, focus on being 100% - you wanna be a size 14 like your name says? Then you can do it :)

Just imagine if you didn't eat everything in sight, imagine that when you see your boyf next how proud you'll feel when he notices you've lost another few pounds!

Good luck hon, give me a shout if I can support you in any way xx

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Hi WBS14, What a shame that you have to be apart from your Bf for so long... must be awful for you....:wave_cry:

It's not going to help by eating a lot of things that you really don't need, is it?
Keep coming and posting on here and if possible have a look at all the New Posts and see if you can help someone else or at least welcome them to the forum. That way you will feel you are doing something useful and it will make you feel better about yourself.

Do send me a pm if you ever need to just have a moan and groan if that will help as well.

All the very best to you... :)
Ok. I know how you feel about being on a downer and wanting to eat everything. But it wont make you feel better at all... it doesnt fill the void (been there, done that). Of course we all have slip ups and no one is perfect but if you can try to stick to this just imagine what you can achieve in the month that you wont see your BF?? He'd be pretty impressed to see you dropping pounds ;) Set yourself some mini goals so the task doesnt seem so daunting at first. Allow yourself to have a life too, maybe a treat dinner at the weekend for example. As someones avatar (Hollie??) once said "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!"

You need to moan about anything, come on here and do it... its what I do hehe ;) xx

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