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Need some ideas :)

S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
Right since doing slimming world i have not had a shift at work which covers breakfast and dinner...
On sunday i am doing an 8-6 so i know i have to eat at work, i work in a fast food restraunt and we are just expected to eat the food on our break, so we have no facilities to make our own dinner or anywere to keep food refrigirated. The only place we can store our lunch is a locker lol.
The only healthy option we serve is fruit bags and carrot sticks. Looked at the salads and they aint that healthy tbh,

Any one have any ideas of what i can take, which wont need cooking or refrigerating, but will also keep me going at work.
Im willing to do either ee, green or red lol.
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could you take 'add water' things, like mugshots, cup a pasta, couscous etc, you'll have access to boiling water.


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Erm... Oh a hard one, cous cous , packet soups,
S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
We have a coffee maching, for the customers. But we aint allowed to use it unless we have a coffee.
Could maybe pretend i put a tea bag in the cup..then put the water in, in the staff room.
I love the job, just hate the fact we are expected to eat there


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Can't you just tell them you don't want to eat ***** any more, surely they can't force you to eat fast food?


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Food flask time I think. They don't cost much, and you can put a nice pasta dish or casserole (or whatever is left over from previous day) in to keep warm for lunch.
How about making a pasta salad? That would keep ok in a lunch box, i would put things like sweetcorn, onion, red pepper, kidney beans, cooked mushrooms into it and a bit of sweet chili dipping sauce - i wouldnt risk putting meat or fish in it as you wont be able to keep it cool.

or a salad with lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, spring onion, beetroot, boiled eggs and boiled potatoes, maybe with some wholemeal bread or ryvita if you have a 'B' choice to use.

Helen xx
S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
Can't you just tell them you don't want to eat ***** any more, surely they can't force you to eat fast food?
They dont exactly force us, just dont provide anywere for us to store our own lunch, our facilities to warm things up etc.

Thanks for all the ideas :) Got plenty to go on for sunday :)
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I was given a food flask for xmas and it's fab, keeps soups and pasta warm for ages til lunch and has a tiny fork / spoon in the lid. It's well worth getting one for when you're out and about.
Get a coolbag and some of those camping ice packs. Then you should be able to keep all sorts of things cool long enough.

Couscous salad works well cold. I make mine with lamb rubbed with cumin, peppers, aubergine, dried apricots (synned) and chicken stock. I take a tub of cucumber in a free dressing to have with it. Pasta salad is good too.

If I'm going to the cinema, I do what I call a cinema picnic - scan bran cake, carrots, cherry toms, cold meats, grapes. All sorts of stuff really.

You could also try:
cold quiche
cold frittata
hi fi bars
mini babybel
crab sticks
fridge raiders

You can always use SOME of the stuff from the salad at work and take your own dressing and what not. ;-) And use those apple and carrot snack bags too if they're free. Might as well. :)

I think if you use a cool bag and a flask, and take a synned treat with you, you should be able to get enough variety in to stop you feeling bored or deprived.

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