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Need some info please from an ex Lipotrimmer


One last chance
Hi everyone, my mum found a leaflet on LL and she was telling me that maybe me and my sister could go on it.

I'm a little skeptical because I was on liptrim a year ago and I gained half my weight back when I had finished.

If anyone who has been on lipotrim or completed Lighter Life, has the weight stayed off? also how much is it per week?

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Hi Yasmine, ive never tried lipotrim so cant comment on that im afriad. Im on LL and have been on it since 16th July and so far ive lost 4 half stone.
its the best thing ive ever done, and i said from day 1 I would stick with it and complete whole programme....I probably wont finish whole thing until March 2011. I know people who have done LL in the past and havent completed it fully and yes the weight has gone back on, but I also know people who have stuck to it 100% and they have maintained so it does work
Cost is £70 per week, not exactly cheap but very much worth it
Hope this helps
Hello Yasmine
It doesn't matter how you lose your weight. If you don't change your eating habits it will go back on.
LL is fab. I've kept mine off for 2 years.
Good luck
Hi Yasmine,

As with all diets, whether or not the weight goes back on afterwards is entirely down to how committed you are to changing your lifestyle. Taking myself as an example - I started LighterLife at over 20 stone at the end of August this year. Now I weight around 16 and a half stone, and I'm aiming to get down to 10 and a half stone by June of next year. If at the end of my weight loss and return to the world of "normal" food, I start eating like I did when I was 20 stone, and keep doing the same amount of exercise that I did then (i.e. none), then yes, ALL of my weight will pile back on, and maybe more.

LighterLife prides itself on counselling its members and changing their attitudes to food. Throughout the classes so far a lot of emphasis has been put on identifying reasons for overeating, and on participating in the "Route to Management" course at the end, which is designed to slowly introduce members to different food groups, and to learn how much food they actually need as part of a healthy diet.

From an entirely personal point of view, I've found this diet to be the best possible option for me, because my problem with diets has always been self-moderation. On LighterLife, I know that I can only have the food I'm given each week, and there's no way for me to tell myself that "just a little bit of X will be OK". Also, the speed of the results (average 3lbs a week) is really good for keeping me motivated.

Your local counsellor should run Information Sessions for people interested in joining the program, where you can watch a DVD and ask any questions you might have. If you're interested in the program and committed to making a change to your life, i.e. you appreciate that it's not just a case of losing weight and then you can happily resume old habits, I'd recommend you contact a counsellor and arrange to go along for the info session.

Best of luck with your weight loss, whatever you decide to try.

Oh and by the way, having just looked at your BMI, it's also worth noting that you would need to do the "lite" version of LighterLife, which involves eating 1 meal per day and 3 LL foodpacks. Again, the info session will tell you about this.
im currently on lipotrim and its £44 a week for me but i know that it varies from £30 right upto £50 depending where you are. i have lost 7`11 and still have about 4`4 to lose and im determined to keep it off by eating healthily and still exercising when im done it really is a lifestyle change more than just a diet x x

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