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Need some inpiration please!

Okay so tecnichally i'm not a newbie, I have been here before succeeding to lose a stone, but I have failed miserably and put it all back on. I am guessing you are getting alot of this but it's new year and really is time for a new me, I can't go another year being this unhappy with my body. I have tried dieting but found the only thing that has worked for me is slimfast as i'm a very picky eater and struggle fo find 7 different things to eat for lunch and dinner a week. So just a few questions, any inspirational or succsess stories to fire me up? I have about 2 and a half stone to lose and i intend to do regular exercise, how long has it taken you guys? this really is it for me I have a trip to vegas with my boyfriend later on this year and a snowboarding trip wich I do every year last time I went i could barely get up on my board!! Oh and also another question just to finish, I obviously can't stay on slim fast forever so how do you come off it without putting all the weight back on? any replied will be greatly appreciated sorry for the lengthly post! X
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Crawling to the finish!
Hi there. Sorry I can't give you a success story but I myself have started slim fast today. If you stick to the plan you have to lose as it is calorie control. I have about 3 stone to lose. Good luck! X
Thank you looks like we both pretty much have the same weight to lose, i read from your previous experience of losing weight, do you think nearly 3 tone in 4-5 months is a bit ambitious? I'm actually quite looking forward to starting which is a bit weird need to get to the shops before monday to stock up! x x


Crawling to the finish!
To do that your looking at 2lbs a week. I'd say that is achievable if you really out your heart in it. My target is July myself. I know it will get tough though as the sun starts shining and I start going on the daysout 3 times a week :0( x
Ah see i'm fussy with my food so slimfast in the summer is not too bad for me....it's just winter thats the problem because i love the roast dinners and chicken casseroles and not the healthily made ones lol. just need to decide what i'm going to do for exercise! x x
I just started today as well....tried many things before but hoping this will give me a good kick start. I have a stationary bike that i use and walking helps too. My favorite though is putting on some good music i can dance too in my own home. For me, small goals work best as they are more achievable. I know you can do it!


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Wishing u the best of luck!

i look forward to seeing your progress through the weeks

hiya welcome back to the wonderful world of slimfast,,,, i lost 2 stone from april till october but i didnt stick to it 100% so maybe that gives you and idea of what can be done,,, as for excercise i took up zumba which is absolutely fantastic,,,, and im going to be taking up swimming this year aswell
Thank you, Oh yeah I have heard Zumba is good, I think theres a class near me so I might give it a whirl as the gym I used to go to is too far away it eats at my petrol! another question....sometimes I start work at 3pm could be there till 8, could be there till 11 it depends, but what do you suggest about my meals and shakes as I don't really get a break as such any ideas? x
what about a shake for brekkie depending on what time you get up,,, a meal before you got to work and then your snacks and a shake throught the evening would that work for your job?
nope thats one of the benefits of slimfast it fits round your lifestyle,,,, like if you decide to go out to lunch with friends/family you can have a lunch and then a slimfast in the evening instead so its very flexible and fits round your work and sleeping pattern what ever that may be

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