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need some support

well I signed up again to ww on line and i knew all along april/may was going to be horrendous as i have guests till 21st and 3 weddings and 2 bbqs, so weigh in this am and have gaine 2 lbs. bit discouraged and we are now away till sunday so can't be completely in control of what I am eating. however I cant' see why i gained the 2lbs as I walked all over london for 8 hrs yesterday without sitting down and also on monday and we did not snack just meals. I did have fish and chips which was naughty but otherwise was pretty good. so please keep me in your thoughts as I try to keep on track as best I can through the next couple of weeks.
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Hi Vijch :)
It's disheartening I know, but there's lots of factors that can affect the scales... Don't let it get you down or kick you off the rails - if you've genuinely tracked properly this could just be a small blip and it'll come off next week.

If I gain without expecting it, it's usually down to the following:

:rolleyes: Eating a heavy meal the night before/the day of WI (Even if I eat a small meal I will vary 1-2lbs from morning to evening)
:rolleyes:Eating a lot of starchy carbs the day before
:rolleyes:Drinking a LOT of water/fluid before being weighed
:rolleyes:Not going to the toilet regularly
:rolleyes:TOTM - water retention
:rolleyes:complacency with eating out (unless the restaurant has a menu you can work the points out/is in the eating out guide, you'll never 100% know the points, this is where I fail constantly!)
:rolleyes:Not tracking/weighing 100%
:rolleyes:Sometimes after a day of long walking/exercise I will gain, more often than not because I didn't keep properly and regularly hydrated. Not sure if that's "correct" scientifically but when I've had a 100% week this is the only factor I can account a gain to.
:rolleyes:Your body is just being a pain in the bum - look at your monthly loss and go by that :p

I hope that helps sort your mind out - I know I need my OH to tell me everything on that list when I STS or gain to stop me getting angry with myself x
after going to all those things youve only gained 2lb i think you have done fantastci vicki god if id had all those things id be a house by the end of it. good luck keeping on track now and let us know how you get along xxxx
thanks very much just back from the last week of travellng and this am gain was a total of+3 I know it is not bad in the whole realm of things but I FEEL SO FAT my friend is here till sat am and my husband has said he will be going on pro points with me from sunday so hopefull all will start going down again!
well total gain was 1/2 stone and we are pointing from today - our next meal out takeaway is july so we have some time to get ourselves back together and lbs off
Good luck Vicki, I think it will help that your hubbie is also pointing alongside you.
Well first weigh in this am hubby lost 4 lbs and I lost 3 so happy with that - finding it a bit time consuming as hubby is on shifts and I have to point all his food for him as well as mine. But it is all worth it.


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I am doing WW with my hubby too he joined on line 2 weeks ago and has lost 8lbs so far, I am 2 weeks behind him this is my first week, weigh in on Sunday.
Congrats on the weight loss, and great that you have got both of you doing it. These blips will come and go, but eventually it does go down.


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Thanks Vijch50 and well done 3lb is brilliant and 4lb for your hubby. Hope I do half as well, small hurdle in the way my BDay tomorrow but will try and be good!! Will let you know how I get on.

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