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NEED SUPPORT: restarting CWP SS tomorrow.

I am due to be weighed tomorrow afternoon to restart my diet, I will be going on SS as I found this easier the last time. I first began CWP last year when I weighed 14st 6lb, I managed to get down to 12st 1lb in 8 weeks which I was delighted with but then I ended up in hospital having to have my gallbladder removed as apparently losing so much weight so fast can (and did) result in gallstones. I am a 27yr old Mum of 2 and now weigh 15st 6lb!!! exactly 1 stone heavier than when I first started and 3st 5lb heavier than when I stopped :( I am so disappointed in myself and have decided I am starting the diet again! The only doubt I have is that I put all the weight back on before so how can I be sure I wont again? I can't remain on CWP for the rest of my life! :sigh:
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moderation....ur rite when u say cannot stay on it for the rest of your life....what i do is make sure i do not go over a certain weight...i give myself 6 lbs to play with. if i do over, am straight back on it and the good thing is it only usually takes a couple of weeks to get back down to my previous weight...not many would agree with this but i would rather do this than let all the weight pile back on then start all over again. my 2nd day today and feel good but slightly wavering for food but am sticking to it....gud luck hunni...x
Thanks for the quick reply, I'm hoping I find it bearable. I don't mind drinking all of the water it's just the feeling and the knowing that I have to be strict with myself and keep away from the carbs! My downfall is definitely toast and crisps. I am due to get married in september next year too so that should give me all the incentive I need. Good luck to you too x
So I woke up this morning all psyched up to start today and then receive a text from CDC to say we have to reschedule until tomorrow as she is at a meeting GRRRR.......on the upside though I can have yet another "last supper" tonight! xx
Mentally preparing myself for the dreaded stand off with the scales! 4pm weigh in and I feel as though I've gained another stone in my sleep x
Just back from CDC and really feel like this is my time to slim! I nearly passed out with the heat a few days ago, how bad is that! I needed a kick up the butt and the fact that I couldn't take my 7yr old son to the park because the weather was too nice; made no sense to him and ashamed me! I cannot wait to get started on my shakes tomorrow (its too late to start today as I've already had breakfast, lunch and dinner!) This diary is helping a lot as I can vent my feelings, my OH of 9 years has seen me at my smallest (size 8) and at my biggest which is now (size 18) he is lovely and understanding and doesn't mind what size I am. Cliche I know but sometimes I just wish he would say come on now pet (he's geordie lol) enough is enough let's try to get the 'old' you back.
Day 1- milkshake number 2!! Eurgh! Been to college all day today to complete and hand in my final assignment YAY!! Managed to sit across the table from my fellow students tucking in to their fish and chips or lasagne and salad, there was me sitting with my bottle of water. Never mind; start as you mean to go on as they say.

I do have a really bad headache though, hope it doesn't stay too long as I have 2 kids to feed, bath and put to bed!

How is everyone else getting on regarding weigh ins and tolerance to shakes? Oh and on a positive note I have worked out where my 'problem area' is: according to my CDC and self weighing, I have gained 7lb in 8 weeks WOW!! But haven't gained any inches around my waist, I have however put on 3" around my hips! I am one of those 'a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' type of women. I have a christening on the 10th of July and my aim is to actually enjoy shopping for an outfit.

Hope you are all doing well, stay in touch with/for results, advice and general day to day achievements. I look forward to reading them all.

Tracy xx

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