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Need to ask someone......all advice taken :-P


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Hi guys

Can one of you very intelligent people help me out??

Im getting married soon and have left it too late to start a diet. I have about 5 stone to loose and 18 weeks left. I dont want to do a VLCD tho (been there done that and its just not for me). What are my other alternatives?

Can I calorie count on 1000-1200kcals a day and loose a fair bit?

Im looking for something with a steady almost guaranteed 2lbs a week or more??? Am I looking for a miracle?
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Taking the VLCD idea out of it I would advise using a structured diet plan like WW or SW. Up your exercise to 30mins at least daily and drink 2l of water daily (increase gradually if you dont do this already) this will help you get a good balanced diet, increase your fitness and therefore help you keep the weight off and the water will help you flush out your system and keep you hydrated.

You MAY be able to lose 2-3 stone by your wedding.

Good Luck xxxxx


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I go to slimming world and some people have fantastic weight losses to start with, but 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy loss. It also teaches you healthy eating. Don't worry about the numbers, whatever you lose will boost your confidence no end. And don't buy the dress too soon or it won't fit if you lose lots! Good luck x


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You could do a VLCD but they are so expensive and I expect you are saving up for wedding things.

You HTB loves you the way you are - or he wouldn't be marrying you! My friend has 7 stone to lose and over the last 14 weeks with WW has lost 24lb. Amazing! If you really stick to it, you should be able to lose 2 stone by the wedding.

Just make sure you don't put it back on when you are on the honeymoon!
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I'm completing an exercise DVD and 10 mins on the exercise bike to wind down everyday combined with a common sense "not eating rubbish" or too much plan and I'm noticing the difference massively after less than a week and have already lost 5lbs! Drinking plenty of water also works but I find it makes me heavier for a day or so then I even out as my body gets used to it so don't be alarmed if you drink more water and find yourself "putting weight on". It's not "real" weight and it's just temporary


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I agree with flirtygirl. Keep a good intake of healthy food and increase your exercise daily. I went on a low calorie diet of about 1100 and increased my exercise activity to 60 minutes a day instead of the 3 times a week. I lost about a kilo a week over 4 weeks. That is about 2 pounds I think. Keep loads of water up! Lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try and keep some carbs and protien in there too otherwise you will burn out and feel like crap! I snacked all day on carrot sticks, cucumber slices abd celery with cottage cheese. Try not to stick to a diet too low in calories for too long, but short term should be ok. Best of luck!

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