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Need to find my dieting mojo again, any help welcome.

As some will know I had an op on the 16th of this month but since had eaten loads and loads I really really NEED to get back on the SW wagon before I do to much damage, I just seem to of lost all my will power, I fancy a biscuit so I have not 1 but 5 or 6, now this is better than before I lost weight as it would of been a packet full but even so I need to get back and sorted , any help or advice please.xx

Im feeling really down about it and sooo need the control back I ve even considered to go back on the cd purely for the control aspect.xx
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I had an operation last November and fell off the wagon after a week. I was off plan for 2 months in total, and put on 12 1/2 pounds. It took me ages to lose it again, and I'm really annoyed with myself now, as I wonder how much nearer goal I'd be if I'd stayed on the straight and narrow. It's really not worth a few treats here and there, it all adds up so sort your head out, bin the junk and get back on plan! Go back to writing a food diary and count your syns, and fit your treats in legally! Good luck x
I agree - bin the junk and start again. I hate weekends I snack way too much so now I don't keep high syn stuff in the house.
Make your self big bowls of syn free food should you feel hungry - though mostly I am guessing this is bordem eating.
Hi Susan,

I've said this before on another thread but I think it applies here too!

When I feel like this I go into my "Crazy woman talking to herself in the mirror mode" :rolleyes::rolleyes: lol

You know what you're doing wrog, you know where it will get you.....so sit down and give yourself a good old talking too!!

Your weight loss is inspirational to ALL on here.....do you want that to go down the drain?? :wave_cry: No!

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start afresh. If you don't do it now you'll kick yourself months down the line when the pounds have ticked up!

Hope to hear more of your success soon hun :D

K xx

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You look fab in your avatar pic, maybe digging out some old pics prior to losing any weight will remind you why you started on this journey and inspire you to get back on track.
You've just had an operation. That's a big thing. Give yourself a break - it's not the end of the world if you eat like a madwoman for a bit! You've been eating like a sensible woman for a long time, right? What makes you suddenly think you can't do that again?

Stop blaming yourself or feeling guilty. That's what is making you feel out of control. Your emotions. Accept the fact that your routine has been thrown out of whack for a little while by the operation, make the decision that it's time to get back to normal now, and do it. Sit down and plan your three meals for tomorrow. Don't stint on the portions. There's an awful lot of comfort food available on this plan, you know. :D Stick to it tomorrow, then sit down and plan your three meals for the day after. Rinse and repeat.

After the first two or three days you'll be back in the groove. :)


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Try and remember why you started SW in the first place and how you felt then. Then remember how you felt as the weight came off and you started to feel fitter and healthier. Try and hold on to that good feeling. Look in your kitchen see what you've got in and plan for tomorrow but keep it simple. Maybe pull out a few of your old SW mags if you have any. Read them for inspiration, recipes and to help you get back in the swing of things. You can do it, you've done it before :D.


Trying again!!!
There's nothing much else I can add to what has already been posted here Susan so just try to draw a line under it,start afresh and keep positive. You have just been through an operation so will feel out of sorts for awhile ~ you WILL find your mojo again, look how well you have done so far, it's a great achievement xx
Thanks every1, you are all right I WILL NOT let myself or any1 else ruin what Ive already done .xxx

I got weighed this morning and in 3weeks off plan Ive gain 4lb so 1st target is to shift that .xxxx

Thanks again. Im going to write my menu up in my diary now.xx