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Need to get back on plan!!! (warning, 1st post is a massive rant!)

Need somewhere to vent everything in my head so I'm deciding that here is as good a place as any!
So I woke up this morning, my OH kissed me and said he loved me then went for a bath, he then came downstairs and my son was having a bit of a meltdown, so he picked him up and threw him on the sofa, I yelled at him, he sat down and said "I can't do this anymore" I said what and he basically told me he hasn't loved me for a long time and that he's leaving me, He went to Download festival last week and got back on Monday, he then told me he'd tried it on with a girl there, she'd knocked him back?? 5 days away and he's decided he no longer wants to be with us! It was only a few weeks ago we were talking about having another baby! I'm so confused hurt and very angry,
But I'm not letting it defeat me,
I'm going to get back on plan, properly, I've been messing about since january, He'd always suggest pizza or kebab or something and I'd just cave and have it with him, well now he's gone, so time to focus on me!

So I'm back on plan, I've lost the one man I ever truly loved, but it's alright, I'm worth more than his lies!
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Hun, my ex did this to me Xmas eve 2010 whilst i wrapped our daughters presents and i havent looked back!

He changed my life in ways he would never realise and i am thankful that he ended it. I adored him, but i adore me more now i'm on my own.

I know it will be tough for you, but dont lash out at him. Sort out the child access and then let the rest go. I could write an essay for you hun i really could.....xx
I'd never stop him seeing our son, I've had a purge so he's off my fb, deleted all hid old texts and photo's and I'm only going to speakk to him about or son, I have no more interest in his lies, 6 yrs I've been lied to! Such a fool for falling for it for so long!xx


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you followed your heart hun and you cant beat yourself up over it. Take some time to adjust to being a single parent, and allow yourself to grieve in private.

Dont let him see that he's hurt you, and you will come out on top i promise. I just hope he steps up in terms of being a dad.

How are you doing today hun?
I haven't had any products for two days, Tried to have a bar at work but my body just wouldn't let me swallow it, then tried having a shake and it just made me sick... I think I'm on the breakup diet and I don't bloody want to be LOL!xx


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You need to have something hun! You need to focus on your little one and keep strong for that reason alone.

Have you been able to eat anything at all? Just try please x

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