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Need to have a small rant

I just read a thread on here and it really rang true for me lately.

Part of me is tempted to go to my weigh in tomorrow and just start my refeed earlier than i was going to.... I sort of feel as if i have come to the end of my LT life, and am finding it really really hard daily...
My water intake is not a problem, but i don't know what it is... I am full of a cold and my throat feels like i have swallowed a packet of Gillette razors, for which i can do nothing because of this stupid diet!
My eldest is going on a field trip tomorrow, and even though i haven't slept very well because of my blocked nose, i have to be up at 5.15am...
It's not as if i just want to eat, i think i am wallowing in my own self pity cos i feel like crap! I am getting to the point where i hate this diet!! lol... Hopefully a good sleep will sort it all out.
I am determined to get through today and see how i feel tomorrow...

Thanks for listening... Hope you are doing better than me x x x x
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Hi Su, I been feeling confused about LT lately, I leave the house at 7.45am every morning and when Im on my way home at 5.30 its dark, cold and miserable and I keep thinking how nice it would be to be going home to a warm meal with my children. Sometimes I feel quite weepy that I cant. Plus I think when we lose a big chunk of the weight we want to lose we lose motivation as we just arent desperate enough to stick to LT. I havent decide what to do yet, Im quite scared about putting any weight back on. Hope you feel better soon xxxx
Thank you hun.. That must be very hard for you.. Luckily Joe does most of the cooking, but i feel quite alienated on this diet.. If it wasn't for the people on here i think i would have given up long ago... I don't mind getting the odd day feeling like this but i can honestly say it is becoming more often... I only have 2 weeks till my original refeed, so i might just try and stick it out..... Or i might see if i lose less than 4lb tomorrow i might start my refeed earlier, and then i KNOW i will be back in the New Year for definite....

I just don't know!!! :cry: :cry:

Take care hun x x x x
It must be a natural thing to feel like this if we are both feeling it lol Im really confused. I was desperate to lose it all in one go but now Im thinking why? I can always come back after xmas and lose the last bit or try low carbing. I always like to feel warm and cosy in the winter. I need to shake myself up and maybe book a sunshine holiday for next year oooo yes that might do it pmsl xxx
Ohhhhhh Su Sending you the biggest hugs right now. I too am feeling the strain of the diet hence my re-feed the other week. I think much of it is the cold dark evenings aswell.

ultimately do whatever you feel is right for you, the last thing you want is start resenting the diet (after all it has been good to you) especially if you are coming back in the new year. I don't know what to suggest hun to make you feel any better. You have done so well so far, go have a nice long soak and get an early night, and just see how you feel in the morning.

You are like me and only have 2 weeks left. My choice is as hard as it may be i am gonna try my hardest to stick it out til' then even though my head is saying go on kerry start now. I have a mini target in those 2 weeks that i WILL achieve.

Good luck and lots of (((((((squishy hugs))))))) and love xxx
Hey you guys, what's up? Can I be honest and say that even though I didn't really want to refeed and I'm finding it scary doing so I actually feel a lot better. So much so that I've been to the gym and worked out, it's been so long that I'm 10kilos lighter than when I last went! I'm really enjoying food shopping again and I've cooked some really tasty food and, best of all Paul is such a happy bunny now that we're sitting down to a proper dinner together.

I have so much more energy again and even though I've got a bit on my plate, metaphorically speaking, at the moment....my mood has lifted so much!

I do still want to lose a bit more but not at the sacrifice of my life! I think I can exercise enough control to eat out again, go to the shops, basically get my life back together.

Perhaps it is time to cut yourselves some slack? If you do it together you can support each other and we can all work on losing the last few pounds after Christmas........

A couple of extra weeks of eating before Xmas might help you refrain from over-indulging over Xmas as food won't be so much of a novelty and you'll have had a bit of practise......

Big big hugs goldies xxxxx
Thank you babes.. That actually makes a lot of sense.. I will see what happens tomorrow at the weigh in and see what the pharmacist says.. My mood is definitely getting worse.. I can hear myself moaning and snapping but just can't stop....


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I'm not best placed to give advice at the moment, so just sending some ((hugs)) for difficult times xx


addicted to minimins!!
chin up girlie :) only you know what your capable of. have an early night tonight and then decided tomorrow but think over your decision and make sure youre making the right one.. you have done fantastically well. only you can decide.. hope you feel better soon! x
Su and Daisy, I say take one day, or even one shake at a time now. You are both doing fabulously well, and although I totally KWYM about lipotrim getting harder and harder to stomach as you go on, there's nothing like it for weight loss.

Pep talk over. If you DO decide to refeed, then I thoroughly recommend not doing the LT refeed, but going straight to a low carb diet instead so that you stay in ketosis and keep burning fat (Daisy, I know you've researched this a lot). :) I did this when I had a few pounds left to lose in early September, and have continued to lose - slowly - while eating more than I would have thought possible! Totally love Atkins now! :D

Good luck whatever you decide - you've done so so well - for goodness' sake don't beat yourself up about wanting to eat again - just be really careful WHAT you eat! Stay in control - this is YOUR diet, so you get to do it whatever way suits YOU! :)
Aww thanks Waterworks I think I need to get a grip! Your advice is very good, its great to hear from someone who has been there and done it lol. Whatever I decide to do it wont be a knee gerk reaction I will plan it carefully. See you over on atkins one day, I keep popping in and reading all your posts lol xxx
I feel the same as the rest of u im fed up too and like Daisy i would love to be sitting dont to a bowl of stew or some hot soup. Su the thing is u have done so well and actually u motivate me loads with the positive attitude. I was the same thinkin about refeedin but ive come this far and well i no u have only 2 weeks left until u refeed try and stick it out cus u will wonder what if i had have stayed on LT.
Like u say to members in here we are all here to support each other that includes u :) It will be worth it u lose weight so fast and always consistant.......

Hi all,

must be something in the air, I too am struggling and have been for the last 3 days, and have been so hungry today, I truthfully dont think i'm in or have ever been in Ketosis,I have felt hungry nearly every day and no bad breath, apart from paying out for the strips to be sure, I reckon I 'm still not in it. Got my WI tomorow too SlimmerSue and will decide then whether to carry on. I have only been doing LT for 3 weeks now-will I still need to refeed? Was going to do a no carbs diet, follow ones so I have read on here.

Bit scared of eating again, as probably like everyone on here I dont want to put on weight again.

OH keeps asking when i'm going to eat again as he says I'm moody, snappy & very sensitive at the moment (tough I say lol)

well hope everyone keeps up their good work, your all doing fantastic!! :D
I should add......another good thing about eating again....you feel so much warmer! I've been able to ditch the ski socks and the electric blanket on the sofa, in fact all I've got on at the moment is my nightie and dressing gown, not even any slippers!
huge hugs, when I had 2-3 weeks to go I was feeling exactly how you are now. I was snapping at my lovely husband and also little girl and try as I did, couldn't stop myself, which really got to me :cry:. I made it through another week and towards the end of that week knew I had to refeed, although I didn't want to and was quite scared to be honest.

I have continued to loose weight during the refeed week and whilst I have been on maintainence (not that I mind though ;)) and the feeling of eating is getting better x
Lol Sandra, i'm sat here with 2 pairs of my fluffiest socks on, tights, tracky bottoms, long sleeved top, thick jumper and the fires on lol NOT very sexy I may add :)

That would be a major bonus with eating again, the only time i feel properly warm is tucked up under my 2 duvets! lol
Lol Sandra, i'm sat here with 2 pairs of my fluffiest socks on, tights, tracky bottoms, long sleeved top, thick jumper and the fires on lol NOT very sexy I may add :)

That would be a major bonus with eating again, the only time i feel properly warm is tucked up under my 2 duvets! lol
Hi Jan......TBH I hadn't even realised that I had bare feet! Unheard of these past months, I had ski thermals on under my trackies a couple of weeks back!
Hadn't actually noticed that I wasn't cold until tonight! Started refeed properly last Tuesday but had been having scrambled eggs most nights for about a week......must've been a couple of days I guess. A bit longer until I realised that I had more energy again and I'm not in bed at 10 any more!
It must be the weather this is how ive been feeling but i think ya just hit that brick wall at some point, im trying to do 2 more weeks tfr see how i get on, Good luck everyone xxx

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