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Need to kick start again


Team FFF!!!
Not sure what has happened this week but i've just eaten and eaten. I had chinese takeaway on Thursday night then fish and chips at quiz night last night and I just can't seem to kick myself in to gear again:break_diet:

Can anyone give me ideas what to eat until wednesday to make sure I still lose this week:( i've just got no ideas in my head at all.

I'm on green days most of the time really and so far I have had a late brekkie of

2 x ww bread (1 heB) 1 quorn sausage, lettuce, marmite boiled egg and bacon (1 Heb)

so I've got free food and 2 HE A's for the rest of today, I was thinking of jacket pot and beans mid afternoon then just fruit in the evening. I'm alight during the week when i'm working (normally) but weekends I do struggle :(

Anyone any ideas of a super slimming few days lol

Fanks xx
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When I have been really bad at the back end of the week I try to have as minimal Syns as possible leading up to WI so it balances it out more
MrsB, I know it may not be possible, but are you able to change classes to one earlier in the week?

I use to go to SW on a Wednesday evening, and really cheated at weekends, however, after moving house I changed to a group on Monday evening instead. This keeps me focussed during the weekend as WI is so near!! I know it's a drastic option, but it may work for you too.

L x
..... me again......... also, from looking at your menu you use your B's up early on in the day.

At a weekend I'll try and have a free breakfast, then I still have a B left for lunch and more importantly dinner. For dinner on a weekend I'll have something I love (Salmon (1B), SW chips and mushy peas) that way I feel like I'm still having a treat so will be less likely to go over my syns.

If I had just fruit for dinner on a Saturday night I'd be in a right mardy arse mood....xxxx
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Hey hon,

Louise's suggestions are great! Not much to add except to try to get in as many SS foods as possible, drink loads of water and try to get some exercise in as well. I might also so move WI to Monday to keep me on track for the weekend, friday WI's give me license to be naughty as well

Yes thats what i have started doing....i have a free breakie because im always hungry about 4ish aso i use my B's up then.

The only other thing i can suggest is super speed foods.

Ruthy xxx


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
I try not to use too many Syns or HE's early in the day as I tend to forget I've had them later in the day


Team FFF!!!
Thanks all. I don't ever use he extras until teatime during the week, hubby is kind of following it too so saturday mornings are our "fry up" days. I very rarely use sins so i'll just make sure i don't have any until wednesday lol.

There is a class on a monday night which i would prefer to go to to be honest but i go with a friend and she can only do wednesday nights, maybe i'll have a chat with her again and see if we can shift things round

Thanks again all xx
Im sure your SWC will be able to help ya hun

Ruthy xxx

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