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Need to lose 7 stone - Propoints

Hi Everyone.

Thought I would start a thread on here to help keep me on track. I have joined ww several times over the years and usually lose about a stone and a half and then stop going to classes and put it all back on and then some. I have been off all diets for the past year and my weight has crept up to 18 stone 2lbs :(when I am usually 15 stone. My goal is to get to 11 stone. I think the last time I weighed 11 stone I was probably 11 years old!

I joined WW on Friday and so far I am loving the propoints plan. I am haveing a weigh in today (Wednesday) because my class is closed for Xmas so going to a different one so i can get a weigh in before Xmas.

It hasn't been a full week yet but I definately feel like I have lost weight so hoping the scales agree with me!

I am going to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in August so I am determined to shift at least 4 stone by then.

I'll be back after my weigh in to report. Fingers crossed!
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Good luck for WI today, I have mine tonight too but it's my normal class :)

I have a lot to loose too, joined 2 weeks ago at over 15st and hoping to get to 10st so it's gonna be tough bit determined this time as it's my third attempt and I'm hoping it will be third time lucky :D
Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Oh my God I am so happy right now. Just got back from my weigh in and I have lost 8lbs! That is 8lbs in 5 days. I'm amazed at how well it works. Having the weekly 49 points has definately made a difference to how I feel because if I go over my daily allowance, I don't wrestle with myself trying to resist my cravings, and then give in and binge, and I think that is the real problem for me, binge eating. I feel so much more in control now.

I am definately going to keep this up over Christmas. I am allowing myself to have what ever I want and not count points on Christmas day and Boxing day and then just go back to counting propoints.

Can't wait to drop a dress size :D

That is so amazing well done I am so pleased for u :) :D

I STS this week which is slightly disappointing for my second week but I had a 3 course lunch and night out last Friday so all considered it's not that bad :)

Good luck for this week xxx
Stayed the same is better than a gain so well done. Its important to have a life as well so don't worry about your 3 course meal. I had a slight blip last night and went over my points after a few glasses of wine (always the way) but I am not too worried about it. Saturday is the start of the week for my weekly points allowance so I am just gonna get myself back on track. I have one more weigh in before Christmas so going to try and get 2lb off before then.

Normally at this time of year I am stuffing my face with all sorts but on propoints I feel so much more in control.
well done Star, thats fantastic :) are you having any time off plan over xmas or will you keep on track do you think? x
Yes a STS isn't too bad and much better than a gain :)

I'm at my mums this weekend and it been a shitty year in that she left my dad and her and my sister (who is only 18) haven't spoken in over 6 months but they had a breakthrough yesterday as they bumped into each other and now my sister has come to my mums flat to give me my Xmas present which consisted of a bottle of dissarono and a huge bottle of coke! And a bottle of sourz neither of which ive never had before so I've had lunch with my dad and sister which consisted of an 8oz steak, jacket spud, mushrooms , salad and onion rings lol so I've totally blown it today :) I'm on my second glass of dissarono and coke and just had some chicken (on the bone) and a couple of potato wedges lol

What a day and I've still got another day to go and I was hoping for a loss in the last week before Xmas lol
Well done on your losses so far, your doing so well. we all have bad days just stick with it and i'm sure you will be fine. All the best. xxx
Back on Track - New Year - New Me

Happy New Year People!

I haven't been on here in a little while so thought I would get back on it. I said before that I was pleased as punch that I had lost 8lb before Christmas. It all went a bit haywire after that.

Had a weign in on Friday and over Christmas and New Year I had put on 7lbs:break_diet:Ouch!

Anyway - right back on it now. I really want a decent loss at the scales this week so I am going to focus on counting my points for the rest of the week. Had a bit of a wobble yesterday and didn't count points for anything. My usual attitude would be to chuck the towel in, have a binge and start again next week. Instead, I tracked yesterdays points this morning and even though it was high - my weekly allowance meant that I am still on track so I am pleased about that.

Will make sure I track all the time now
Good on you getting straight back on it! Even on "bad" days I track everything... My worst day was 83 points, that was this sunday, and Im still on track, within my points... Here's hoping it goes ok!!

How has your day been today? Is it Friday your WI? :)
Weigh in is on a Friday so I've still got a little while to make a difference. I have had a bit of a flu this week and am downing lemsip, cough sweets and all sorts. Really hoping that doesn't affect my weight loss. I don't go to the gym because I have trouble with my knees. I am thinking about doing swimming or an aqua aerobics class to help burn the fat. I've been okay with the points so far this week.

I'm doubly determined because I have got job interviews next week and they are all at trendy media companies so got to look good.

Roll on Friday - I want to get weighed!
Hey Star

I know exactly how you feel I've been stopping and starting Weight Watchers for the past few years. I joined back on monday cause i figured with the new pro points plan I would have to learn it all over again and might make me track etc better. I have nearly 6st to lose to get to goal weight... but i think for now it's best to take it a day at a time and to celebrate each loss as it comes.

Good luck with your weigh in today!


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My Journey

Hi girls.. Am new to this but determined to lose weight and I think this is the way to go for me.. if u dont mind me joining in for course..
My name if Frances and I'm from Dublin. Joined back WW 06th Jan.. First week of the new ProPoints plan over here so thought New Year, New Plan.. maybe this time its the plan for me..
Was gutted at my first weigh in as I weighed in at 14st 7.5lbs.. My heaviest EVER.. Desperate to get it down.. So here we go...

Jan 06th - 1st weigh in - 14st 7lbs :cry::eek:
Jan 13th - -4lbs :)
Jan 20th - +1lbs :sign0007:
Jan 27th - -3.5lbs
Feb 03rd -
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Hello Ladies

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is feeling positive and smiley. Excuse the enthusiasm but for some sweird reason I am feeling very happy today.

I missed my weigh in on Friday (gutted) because I had a job interview at the same time as my class so good excuse. I struggled to get back in the zone over the weekend and ended up having a chinese take away, ice cream and several very large glasses of wine. Whoops! I decided to skip the weekly allowance and just have my daily 40 points for the rest of the week to try and make up for it. So far so good, and my winter coat feels looser so happy with that.

If I get this new job then I won't be able to make my usual class because I will be finishing work much later (boo!) but earn loads more money (yay). I think I would have to go to a class near work or maybe ww online but I don't really see the point of that. It's the thought of jumping on the scales and being weighed by someone else that motivates me. That and the size 16 Karen Millen bridesmaids dress which may as well be a Top Shop size 12!

Hope your all having a lovely week :D


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Hi Star... Good luck with the job interview.. Hope it went well for ya..
I have my second weigh in tomoro.. And dinner with the girls tonight!! They've chosen a chinese for tonight.. So.. Have checked out the menu and made my choices.. Am not having a starter.. OR desert.. Am not a sweet person so I dont mind skipping.. The starter may be a prob tho.. But I'll persevere.. it'll be worth it to have another loss this week!! Unfortunatly I never got round to doing any exercise this week tho.. So must work on that!!
Will check in again Friday with my weight loss update.. wish me luck!! :)
Good news!

Hey Dub Chick, how did your weigh in go? I have mine tonight and I think I have had a loss but not what you would normally expect for 2 weeks. Oh well, as long I have lost something I will be pleased with that.

Good news - I got the job! So very pleased. I will be working longer hours so I will have to find a new class when I start in a month but I had a look on the ww website and there is a 7pm class on a Wednesday that I can go to so that is okay.

I am going out for lunch with colleagues to a near by Thai resaturant. Normally I would have the Beef Massaman Curry (gorgeous) but it is quite high in fat with all the coconut milk so I am going to go for a Pad Thai instead.

Fingers crossed for the weigh in - I will let you all know how I do


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Good morning and CONGRATULATIONS Star*... Well done on getting the job!!
My weigh in went as expected.. I was 1lb.. But hasn't knocked me down coz I kno where it came from. I hadn't expected to be down this week so still happy enough..
Week 3 begins today.. So will work hard to get that back off and a few more to accompany it hopefully..
Our class is 6:30-7:30.. At the start you do be starving come the end but have a banana or something small but filling just before and it will get you thru..
Do let me know how you get on tonight.. Any loss is a good result so as long as its down (and not up like me!! lol) its a good result!! Good luck :D
Yeah i have a late class.... so i bring snacks in my bag... banana/cereal bar etc
Hello Ladies. I went to ww class on Friday and lost 5lb so quite pleased with that - even if it is over 2 weeks. Went out for lunch yesterday to celebrate my new job and had a very naughty 3 course meal with wine. My stomach must have shrunk on ww because I couldn't finish my main or dessert and when I got home at 7:30pm I fell asleep on the sofa.

I am a bit worried about moving class from a Friday to a Wednesday because I tend to eat more at the weekend so may not get a good weigh in. I do hope I can keep this up. I was thinking about a gastric band but not sure I would be heavy enough for NHS and really don't want baggy skin! That's got to be worse than being fat.

Anyway, no weekly points for me to make up for the weekend. Just gonna stick to my daily points. Hope your all feeling positive and happy. We can definately do it if we stick together!

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