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Need to offload... sorry!


has started again!!
Hello! I rejoined my weight loss journey just under two weeks ago, with CD this time, instead of LL. MY first week, tho tough, was good and I lost 9lbs.

However, this week has been so very different. I am now able to admit that I (beleive) I am a compulsive eater. One small trigger and I can (and do) eat until I physically feel discomfort &pain, and often I am sick. I literally cannot stop. I am utterly ashamed of myself, but now I find that as I have admitted this to myself I have called a kind of truce. I now want to help myself, and not just lose weight for vanity. I want to have the same relationship with food that most "normal" folks do.

I have just ordered a book called "Why weight?" by Geneen Roth. I wondered if any of you have read this, or any of her other books. If you did, was it helpful? I understand this book has lots of self-help exercises to get through this self loathing, feeding to blank it out stage of my life. I sincerely hope it helps.

Other than that, I have every intetion of getting back onto my CD diet 100% as of tomorrow. Please wish me luck, as I do you!

Sorry to drone on quite so much too!
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Reached Target. woohoo
Hi sez, not on CD but wanted to wish you luck, youv'e done the hard bit by admitting it to yourself, people can tell you how to do things but we all find our own way. You have the ability to do whatever you chose its just by taking tiny steps that get us through. Keep on with the positive thinking and you will succeed. Lots of positive vibes xxx Loobylou


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Well done on being so honest with yourself and good luck xx


has started again!!
Thanks everyone! Today, thus far, has been good & am feeling positive!! (Mind you, am on here as its a meal time & I could kill for DH's omlette!!)
Not read it Sarah ... but understand where you are coming from.

I'm thinking of going back to a hypnotherapist I used in the past 9not for eating problems then) to see if he can help me understand my (bad) relationship with food.

Good luck!
hi - I so understand everything you say in your post. I have not heard of the book - let me know if it helps. Good luck with your journey - if you need any support let me know :)


Reached Target. woohoo
Hi Sez, hope your feeling better, keep going hun and thanks for the rep:) xxx Loobylou


Reached Target. woohoo
Thats very true. xxx Loobylou


has started again!!
Hi everyone! So far so good today. No cheating, but actually not feeling too well. (Tummy bug doing the rounds at school, and as I the one who had to clean up after an "incident" yesterday, I am not surprised!)

Mentally feeling good tho. Book not here yet, but wil post opinions etc when I can!


Reached Target. woohoo
Keep it up, you're doing great, hope your tummys better soon.
i don't know about you but i think that if i have to get mentally motivated to be able to diet otherwise i mess about. Hugs.
xxx Lobbylou

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