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Need to pick your brains (no not that hungry...!)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by baileys, 7 November 2006 Social URL.

  1. baileys

    baileys Well-Known Member

    Hi all ;)

    Many things are changing for me and one of the things I'm looking at changing as well as myself is my job (I've been unhappy for years, but being big - I've always thought that people would judge me on my size not on my skills - in fact I've even gone as far as being shortlisted - got ready for the interview and looked in the mirror - hated everything I've seen - suit fine over my wobbly bits, hair fine frames my fat face, make up fine, highlights the fat bits.......it goes on believe me :( - and then phoned them to say I'm not going - even got as far as the car park once before ringing to say I couldn't attend :eek:) - cried heaps after - moaning how I would of loved the job etc....

    Anyway - this time I'm gonna do it! But one thing - exam results - it's been so long since I actually applied for a job, I've forgotten what they are (me thinks on the last two I applied for I made them up...:eek: ) - does anyone know how you go about obtaining a copy of them? I left school in 1985 and did C.S.E exams when I was there - I would love to be able to put them down correctly this time (see no more cheating for me :p ) - as well as all the certificates I've achieved through work :)

    Any help very much appreciated xx
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  3. nadhak


    love the title of your post - Brilliant bet you got a whole lot "A" grades!!
    I think that you can apply to the examination board - if you cannot remember which flavour you took then ask the school you attended [mine was joint matriculation Board if that jogs any memories?]
    good luck
  4. Shrinking Nicky

    Shrinking Nicky Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Just try your old school - I bet they have the info stashed somewhere!

    Well done on deciding to change your job - I believe you spend so much time at work you should be happy & enjoy what you do.


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