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Need to pull myself back before it's too late

Helloooo! argh I'm struggling! I keep on having the really typical thoughts like "oh you've blown it now, better just keep eating" but I have to keeping telling myself this is one bad day just forget it and move on, it's such a mental power-struggle I'm very used to just giving in really easy even before the "just move on" thoughts kick in…I've just picked all day at really random not even that nice things. It started with my early morning "justification thought" I had, that because I have a really bad cold that I deserve food LOL

Please tell me that there are people out there that have had useless days and then go on to reach goal, how do you snap out of it! I think because all my clothes suddenly fit again I'm loosing my focus but I've still got another 5 stone to go :cry:

Help me…even my jack russell is starting to look edible…
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aww bless ya hun , we have all been there and it happens to the best of us , its totally normal and the only failure is not getting back up , dusting yourself off and getting back on track !
You made me giggle with the jack russel comment ,... I remember having times when i fed the cats that I nearly licked the spoon as it smelt so ... nice ??!!!

Dont let your mind tell you that you should start tomorrow a new day ... get back on track now , have a shake ( or whatever you have left .. dont miss any out ) have a nice bath and get an early night ...I know you can do it :)
Thanks hun! I'm just so annoyed with myself grrr need that willpower back!! I will wake up with a new focus tomorrow, especially as I have a baby free night *does a little dance* mmmm undisturbed sleep zzzzzzz

I CAN DO THIS!! I just need to step away from the fridge..
l know how you feel beth, l had such a shi**ty weigh in today and felt like eating all day :sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh: haven't given in yet
I'm currently right were u r. Feel crap just wanna eat as feel this week I've just not lost anything n its all pointless :( got weigh in tom then gonna try n get focused x
Sorry cut that sport as had to go to Asda!! Have walked thru the sweet aisle, inspected and touched the sweets I'd have loved to buy but didn't, sat in the cafe area at Costco and didn't get pizza that I really wanted so I suppose I shld feel good but don't!! If I'd lost a few pound I'd feel bit better. Anyway we need to pick ourselves up and continue with mission slim Jim!! Good luck message anytime as I'm alwAys on here lookin fuor help and inspiration. Plus Yeh like u I need to know that those who are 6-8 stone down also had times were it felt hopeless and everything else looked so tasty.! X


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Oh Yes - it must have been a real day for it yesterday - I felt horrid all day and just wanted to eat eat eat. Its my 2nd AAM week too so I had that at lunchtime and then had my evening shake at 3pm and was then stuck for the rest of the night. Ended up going upstairs and having a bath at 6.30 just to stop myself eating everything that was in the kitchen. Ho hum - lets hope today is a better day for us all.
Here's to a better day for us all! the sun is shining and I have a load of wall painting to get done!! I'm back on track and feeling the support from you all :) especially after watching a home video of me Christmas time..it was like an eclipse every time I got in front of the camera!! everything else was covered up by my arse!! lol xx

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