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Need to stop

So the bad news is that it's been recommened that I go off CD.
Even worse news is that it's been recommended that I not be on any diet at the moment.

Though I'm not sure that returning to eating pizzas every night is really what the doctor wants me to do either.

So how do I "stop" CD. I assume I need to go through some sort of re-feed?
How do I go back to eating normally without putting all the weight back on that I have lost.

Without being on diet, where do I get a healthy eating plan - I think Karion was asking about this the other day?

I'm really motivated at the moment to change my eating habits and if I'm not allowed to have a calorie restricted diet I can still have a healthy diet!

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Without being too snoopy, did he give a reason why?

Provided you eat a healthy, balanced diet not too heavy on the fats and starchy carbs then there's no reason why you can't maintain. You've worked so hard and done so well - it would be a shame for it all to go down the pan.

Rosemary Conley does a really good, fuss free eating plan - maybe you could buy her book and get some good tips from there.
Hiya Clarabel,
I'm so sorry you have had this news and cannot continue with CD after you have done so well too.
I don't know a lot about healthy eating plans specifically but I think something like Rosemary Conley might be ok for you. It's mostly just smaller portions and low GI which I think is healthier than the Slimming World red & green days thingy.
Sorry I can't help more - I hope someone will be along soon on here to advise you better, perhaps on the general weight loss forum???
Good luck and take care
thats sad news clarabel, why dont you give ww or rosemary connely ago? I done ww last yr and lost loads of weight through eating healthy and excercising everyday. i hope you dont mind me asking why your doctor asked you to stop?

Hope your ok pet :)

becky :)
Sorry to hear this

Have you had a look at Tesco diets?Its somthing like £2.99 a week and you get a very detailed weekly menu emailed to you,it includes every meal and snack and has 3 or 4 differant options a day.You can also choose what type of diet you want like Low GI or healhy eating,low fat etc

Good Luck

Cddietgal x
Sorry to hear, hope you find something that will suit you..